About Mindful Drawing Studio

Reconnect with your creative side and learn to make beautiful drawings that promote mindfulness.

My Mission

I want you to have a finished drawing that is pleasing to the eye and something you will be proud to display or show others!

I’m so excited to share this process with you, one that I’ve never run across before! I’ve always had it in my heart to teach adults to enjoy drawing but didn’t want to use traditional methods.

When I started making these drawings, I knew this was something that I just had to share!

It’s my mission to help you make art part of your life again through beautiful sketchbook drawing that promote mindfulness.

Make Art Again!

Let me show you how to create a small drawing kit that you can take anywhere or pull out for a few minutes at a time to make a drawing.

I’ll show you my unique approach to drawing that anyone can do. Whether you’ve never drawn before or your career path took you away from your BFA, you will enjoy making these drawings that I designed with you in mind.

I want to do more than teach you how to draw something. I’m going to teach you a drawing process that you can use to make your own and create your own unique drawing without having to look at a subject or worry about making look “just right.”

My Story

My goal is to turn my love of art into lessons that will change your life.

I experienced first-hand how making drawing provided a break from my chaotic life as a teacher and mom.

My breakthrough came when I realized that anyone can create these types of drawings. With the help of my lessons, I can bring this experience to the hands of people that only dreamed about making art.

What Makes My Lessons Unique

I give you step by step guidance without showing you exactly what your art should look like. I set you up for an art experience so that you can create something that comes from within. I also do this in a way that takes the pressure off what to draw and how to draw it, so that you can free your mind of stress and get lost in your drawing.

Why I Love What I Do

Nothing makes me happier that seeing a student’s face light up with pride at the art they just created.

Shapes and instructions to make a mindful drawing. Example of a mindful drawing on white paper with a black pen.

Learn Mindful Drawing

Are you interested in learning how to draw?

Do you want to reconnect with your creative side?

Learn an easy and relaxing drawing technique that I’m teaching in my adult drawing class.

Download the free sample lesson and give it a try!


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