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A faded background image of clay tools, a clay storage box, and a chunk of clay in a bag. The overlay text says, "Art Teacher Tips - Clay Management in the Art Room".

Clay Art Project Organization

Clay Art Project Organization with Cart & Totes Here are some tips and tricks to help you with clay art project organization in the elementary

The outline of a child with arms stretched out. There is a red heart inside the body, a circle in the head, and 4 layers of shapes around the body. Each area represents a different "Big Idea" in art. The diagram is painted with watercolors. The text says, "Teaching with Big Ideas in Art".

Art Curriculum Planning Idea

  So… How’s Your Art Curriculum Planning Coming Along? Do you feel like your lessons just happen in random order? Do students ever ask, “Why

A close-up of chunky crayons made by melting old crayons in a square silicone mold. The text says, "Art Teacher DIY - Milting Chunky Crayons".

Melting Crayons in Silcone Molds

    Melting Crayons   Be careful, melting crayons can be addictive!  You might find yourself buying crayons on sale, just so you can melt

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