Fairytale & Medieval Symmetry Drawing for Little Artists

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Are you looking for a way to make teaching drawing to your youngest students easier, less stressful and more fun!  

Imagine looking forward to getting them off to a terrific start toward loving to draw!  In this set, your students will learn to draw using 5 basic elements in symmetrical drawing lessons that use an engaging Fairytale & Medieval theme.

The best part is, you don’t even have to prep… just print & go!

This lesson aligns with the book Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks.  In her book, Mona Brooks teaches students to draw by using "5 elements of shape".  So if you are a homeschool parent using this book as part of your curriculum, this will fit right into your Medieval study. 

5 elements of shape:

  • Circles
  • Dots
  • Straight Lines
  • Curved Lines
  • Angled Lines

In this activity, students will use each of the elements to finish the drawings so that they are symmetrical.

In 4 levels of drawing students will:

  • Finish a symmetrical drawing with 5 elements missing on one side.
  • Finish a symmetrical drawing with elements missing from both sides.
  • Finish a symmetrical drawing that is blank on one side.
  • Copy a symmetrical drawing on a blank symmetrical drawing sheet.


  • Fairytales
  • Medieval study

What you get:

  • Teacher Instructions - 2 pages
  • Castle Drawing Pages - 5 pages
  • Crown Drawing Pages - 5 pages
  • Dragon Drawing Pages - 5 pages
  • Additional Advanced Pages - 5 pages

A total of 22 pages

This drawing set is part of a series of drawing lessons designed to teach beginning drawing skills using a Medieval or fairytale theme.  You can get all the lessons in a Medieval Drawing Bundle to save money or see them separately using the links below.


Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!