Wacky Birds
Do you have kids or students that don’t think they can draw?
Wacky birds are a great way to get reluctant drawer to give drawing a try.  I’ve seen it happen!  The wacky birds are so fun and inviting that kids (of all ages) loose a little of their fear before they even begin. While they’re drawing, if they get “that look” on their face telling me that they’re not happy with their drawing, I remind them that they are drawing a “wacky bird” and the there are no mistakes.  The wackier the better!  This gets them to smile again and keep going!  

If they body is lop-sided … great!  

If the eyes don’t match … even better!  

If the mouth looks funny … way to go!

If you’ve never tried Expressive Monkey’s drawing resources before, the wacky birds are a fun way to try them out.  I would love to let you try out the wacky birds for FREE using the link below.  
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