Is your child’s art area in shambles?

Has your young artist created an avalanche of artwork?

Do you wish there was a way to have an tidy drawing area?

Let me explain how you can do this:

Location, Location, Location:

Find a comfortable chair and flat surface that has plenty of light for your young artists to draw. Pick a spot where they tend to hang out already, such as the kitchen, or family room.  Put a table by a window, if you can.

Use a plastic placemat if the table has a texture that interferes with the drawing.  The plastic placemat is also a great way to protect your table if you decide to add watercolors or sharpie markers to the drawing.

Drawing Inspiration:

Download drawing pages from Expressive Monkey.  You can start with the free resources and add more later.

Print a binder cover and make a drawing binder to store the drawing pages.

Pick a FREE binder cover to use on you drawing binder.

Give young artists the option to color or design their own cover. 

Have blank paper or sketchbooks stored with the drawing binder.  If you are using loose paper, you can punch holes and put it in a different binder so that young artists will have a collection of their both blank paper and finished drawings.

Art Supplies:

Use a pencil pouch to store pencils, colored pencils, markers, eraser, and small sharpener in their binder.  An alternative to a pencil pouch is a small box, such as a candy box that can fit on a shelf vertically like a book.  Things stored vertically are easier to find and tend to keep the area neater since they take up less table or shelf space.  Label the end like the spine of a book and decorate the box.  Spray with a clear coat for a durable finish. 

Set the Mood:

As you know, listening to quiet music is a lovely way to set the mood for being creative.  This is also a perfect way to introduce  young artists to classical music.  Try some Brahms, Mozart or Beethoven for starters. 

And now comes the best part:

Drawing with Expressive Monkey’s drawing pages is a fun and relaxing activity for artists of any age.  Sit down with your young artist and give it a try!  Switch out a family game night to a family drawing night.  It’s a tremendous way to bond with your children and you will have some awesome drawings as a keepsake reminder of your evening. 

Draw. Giggle. Smile. Have a night to remember.

Art Display:

Don’t forget to display some of you young artist’s artwork.  Having a magnet or bulletin board nearby is a super way to create a rotating display of their work.  Have your young artist pick their best work to add to a portfolio of their work.  (This could be a file folder, or a binder of their work.)  Ask them to describe how they go about picking their best work and what makes a good work of art. If they are having a hard time, decide together, what criteria would be best to use to pick the best works of art.  Such as:

What makes a work of art worth keeping?

See all of Expressive Monkey’s drawing sets and pick out one to try today.


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