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Art Again!

Reconnect with your creative side and learn to make beautiful drawings that promote mindfulness.

You've said that you want to find the time to make art again, but it keeps getting pushed aside. Life always gets in the way!

You remember the feeling that comes from tuning the world out to make art but cannot find the time or space to get started.

You want to make beautiful drawings, but you are afraid they will turn out bad and you'll waste your time and money.

Make art part of your life again!

  • Watch videos in the comfort of your home.
  • Learn a unique approach to drawing that anyone can do.
  • Fill your sketchbook with beautiful drawings!

Drawings that are


I tested each technique to ensure it wasn’t stressful to learn. These are frustration-free drawing lessons!


Each technique was carefully selected to ensure it was fun to use. I threw out any ideas that were boring or tedious.


I want you to have a beautiful finished drawing and something you will be proud to display or show others!

Is this the right class for you?

  • If you want to learn to draw a still life or portrait, this is not the class for you.


  • If you want to learn how to make a perfect representation of a landscape or draw an animal, this class is not for you.
If you are ready for something new, keep reading!

Mindful Drawing is right for you if

You are feeling stressed and have forgotten to do something fun for yourself lately.

You’ve admired the drawing of others and thought that you were not good enough to learn to draw.

You were always going to get back to doing art but haven’t been able to make it a priority.

It's easy to get started

Sign Up

Sign up for the class and log into the site. You'll have a dashboard to keep track of your progress.

Watch and Download

Watch video demonstrations and download the PDF for that lesson filled with helpful tools.


Share your success with your new art friends in our Facebook group along with your family and friends.

You can do this

  1. Do a fun activity with me to get your drawing started. (This is kinda the secret sauce!)
  2. Watch a short video on an easy technique (the PDF will remind you of the steps)
  3. Find a comfy spot.
  4. Finish your drawing as you relax.
  5. Admire your drawing that turned out surprisingly well!

Still thinking about it?

Would you like to do a practice drawing to see if Mindful Drawing is right for you?

Download this PDF to guide you through a practice drawing, which includes a link to watch a video.

Until I figured out this new technique for getting started and adding details to my drawing, I didn’t think I’d ever be a person that could create something beautiful from my head! And now I can’t wait to help you do the same!

You are worth it

This is a limited-time opportunity, and I don’t want you to feel the regret of putting it off one more time.

It just takes a few minutes a day

There will never be a better time than the present to learn to make drawing part of your self-care and create a relaxing drawing ritual that you look forward to.

Learn to create beautiful things!

Let me take the fear out of learning to draw and replace it with the confidence to take out your sketchbook and spend some relaxing time drawing.

Let me show you how to create a system that is fast and easy to use almost anywhere you have some spare time to sit and sip your favorite drink.

I want to do more than teach you how to draw something. I’m going to teach you a drawing process that you can use to make your own and create your own unique drawing without having to look at a subject or worry about making look “just right.”

Mindful Drawing with cut out shapes for tracing.

Learn Mindful Drawing

Are you interested in learning how to draw?

Do you want to reconnect with your creative side?

Learn an easy and relaxing drawing technique that I’m teaching in my adult drawing class.

Download the free sample lesson and give it a try!


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