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winter doodle - Roll A Doodle Cover with sample doodle

Winter Roll A Doodle

Learn how to draw a winter doodle step by step.  This is a fun art activity to teach students how to doodle. See how to

How to Draw a Tiger - cartoon tiger sample drawing

How To Draw a Tiger

Learn how to draw a tiger step by step, great for drawing with kids. Make a fun, easy drawing with drawing pages filled with choices

Elf drawing bundle - 3 dancing elves are shown

Easy Elf Drawing Bundle

Easy elf drawing bundle to learn how to draw an elf, play an elf drawing game, and draw dancing elves. Fun Christmas drawing activities! Here’s

The Benefits of Drawing

Why is drawing important in education? Adding some drawing to your curriculum, whether you are an art teacher or classroom teacher can benefit students in

Ancient History Drawing Bundle

Ancient History Drawing Bundle

This is a bundle of six art projects related to ancient history. You’ll get two lessons that culminate in making a drawing of a Greek


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