Meet Stacey

There's so much that goes into teaching and learning drawing! 

I wanted to design a page that was easy enough for a beginning drawer to be successful.  Yet fun enough for all ages to enjoy using.  I wanted to show my students that there was not just one way to complete a drawing and that giving a drawing a personal touch was more important than accurately copying an example.

By giving students multiple choices, I noticed that they wanted to try out different ways of completing the same subject.  They  also got a kick out of comparing and contrasting their drawings with the drawings of classmates.  With this level of engagement, I knew that this style of teaching drawing was something I wanted to explore more and share with others.

This is where the idea of Expressive Monkey came from.  I remember in art school being told that you can teach a monkey to draw.  (Meaning drawing is more than just imitation.)  With Expressive Monkey's drawing pages, there is a little of both.  By drawing the simple shapes and copying the choices, students will improve their fine motor skills and learn different drawing strategies.  By making their own choices, they also work on problem solving skills and critical thinking. 

When you use Expressive Monkey's drawing pages, you can feel good about the skills that students are learning while having fun drawing and feeling successful. 

Expressive Monkey's art lessons are a smart way to save planning time and still teach a lesson that was designed by an art teacher.  This lets you focus on your students and the million other things you are asked to do everyday! 

Expressive Monkey’s drawing pages are designed by an experienced art teacher, Stacey Peters, with 25 years of teaching experience, a Masters in Art Education and a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design.  I also because a National Board Certified Teacher when I was teaching.   So put my experience to work in your  classroom! 

Meet Stacey

I feel fortunate to now be able to devote my time to creating resources for art teachers  and art learners like you.  I work from home with my 3 cats and 1 dog (and husband) to design pages that I would love to have had when I was teaching.  So I have to teach vicariously through you!  Be sure to tag me in Instagram (@expressivemonkey) so I can see how your projects turn out!