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This set of 14 art lessons are perfect for your home learning packet that can be used for school closures such as snow days and calamity days.  In this take home art packet, you’ll get easy lessons that students can read and follow along.  Each instruction page is condensed to one page for  simplicity and each lesson has a page for students to work on.  These lessons would also be great for home-school activities and boredom busters for school breaks.

Many of the lessons utilize the home environment by using objects, people, textures, or other inspiration found around the house.  All lessons will encourage students to use their imagination and put their own spin on the lesson idea.  Parents will have fun making art along side their children!

Your Students Will:

  • Draw a pose modeled by a family member.
  • Make art from tracing objects from around the house.
  • Listen to verbal directions for making abstract art.
  • Take a line for a walk to make abstract art.
  • Draw the scene outside their window.
  • Create a collection of textures from around the house.
  • Make a landscape using textures.
  • Write a phrase and turn it into art.
  • Turn a letter into a work of art.
  • Use a simple shape to make op art (an optical illusion).
  • Design a mixed-up animal with animal parts.
  • Modernize the Mona Lisa with a new background & details.
  • Draw 4 Pet Rocks.
  • Draw a picture on a plate made from food.

What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (1 page)
  • Pattern Ideas (1 page)
  • Student Instructions (14 pages)
  • Drawing Pages (5 pages*)

* The frame page is repeated in the packet for clarity, but the repeated pages are not included in the page count.

A total of 21 pages!

If you are not ready to buy, check out 3 of these lessons in my sample packet of “3 Home Art Lessons”.

You also will find a version of this lesson with the British spelling of colour, favourite, and cetere (not included in the page count.)


Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!


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