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Imagine having 26 lessons for kindergartners printed and ready to go!  Leave more time for umm….a million other things that art teachers and kindergarten teachers have to do. And who knows… maybe even go home a little quicker 🙂

This book is designed to have no prep needed once the book is copied.  Students will need pencils, erasers, and some color media, such as crayons, markers, colored pencils or a combination of the 3.  (G is the only page with additional supplies needed, where students will glue a scrap of paper in the book.)

The ABC Art Book by Expressive Monkey teaches art concepts in a fun way, to younger students.  Each letter has 1-2 activities that gives students an opportunity to use their imagination while practicing art techniques.

The teacher’s guide gives practical tips and lots of links for more ideas and examples of ways to turn these lessons into finished work of art. I’ve also made an editable planning kit where you can plan out which pages to extend into art projects using various media.

I’ve included a version of this lesson with the British spelling of colour and favourite.

What You Get

  • ABC Art Book (52 pages)
  • Teacher’s Guide to the ABC Art Book (7 pages)
  • Editable Planning Kit (Rich Text Document)

2016 UPDATE • I added the lower case letter for each letter of the alphabet.  The font for the letters of the alphabet (and numbers) has a dotted line for tracing along with numbers and arrows for the correct letter formation.  (Download again if you want this update.)



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