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Do you want to make abstract art with students but are unsure where to begin? This innovative approach to creating abstract art will have your students creating some uber-cool art will minimal prep.

With each card featuring a unique element to add to your abstract drawing, including textures, patterns, lines, and shapes, these cards are the perfect tool to help your child explore abstract art.

This versatile set of drawing cards can be used in a number of ways and can fit into both traditional art classrooms and choice-based or studio-based art rooms.  

The basis for this lesson is that students will draw an idea from one each of the circles, dots, straight lines, curved lines, and angled lines drawing cards on their paper. They will also add a texture and pattern from the texture and pattern idea pages, then add color. All of the lines and shapes will intersect and create an abstract work of art. 

There are several variations on how students go about acquiring the cards that they will use. I’ve spelled out several of my ideas, but I’m sure you’ll find other ways to use them as well. There are 30 cards for each of the elements, along with 30 texture ideas and 30 pattern ideas, so you are sure to have one-of-a-kind art.  

The elements that the students add to their pictures are based on the “5 elements of shape” taught by Mona Brooks in her book, Drawing with Children. So if you’ve introduced your students to the 5 elements of shape, this is a superb follow-up activity. It allows your students to use the 5 elements of shape in a non-threatening way. Even if you are unfamiliar with the book, the elements of circles, dots, curved lines, angled lines, and straight lines are simple and easy to draw. No explanation about them is necessary; it’s just a bonus if you are trying to teach them already. I’ve included a definition card for each element for your word wall or bulletin board. 


Your students will:

  • Create an abstract drawing using the 5 elements of shape.
  • Add textures to their artwork.
  • Add patterns to their artwork.
  • Finish the artwork with color media.  


What you get:

  • Teacher Instructions – 4 pages
  • Student Instructions – 2 page
  • Sample Page – 1 page
  • Circle Drawing Cards (30) – 8 pages
  • Dot Drawing Cards (30) – 8 pages
  • Straight Line Drawing Cards (30) – 8 pages
  • Curved Line Drawing Cards (30) – 8 pages
  • Angled Line Drawing Cards (30) – 8 pages
  • Texture Cards (30) – 2 pages
  • Pattern Cards (30) – 2 pages

>>>>> A total of 51 pages!


The texture and pattern cards art great for reference for other projects as well! 

This would make an easy art sub lesson … but then you would miss all the fun!





I was able to engage my students in abstract art with this experience and they really enjoyed it. Well put together and easy to use. Thank you!

Ferus E.


Great resource for my esl art classes. The children and I really love all your resources!!! Thank you!

~ Andrea M.


It’s difficult to find homeschooling resources that are awesome for three very different grade levels but this one was engaging for all three kids and provided an excellent activity for exploring several elements of art. Thank you!

~ Candace L.


With endless possibilities for textures, patterns, and colors, you’ll be amazed at the unique and modern abstract art pieces you can create!


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