Art Lessons by Grade • Bundle of Elementary Art Activities

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Joan Miro Skyscapes • Elementary Art Lesson • Mixed Media Art Project

Monster Drawing & Coloring using Textures & Adjectives

Color Wheel Palette

Rainbow Drawing • Colors of the Rainbow • Patterns • Art Lesson

Abstract Art Drawing Cards

How to Draw a Lion - Art Activity for Kids

Woodland Animals Directed Drawing Set 1

Romero Britto Heart Art Lesson

Drawing Dragons with Rainbow Colors

Unicorn Drawing with Rainbow Colors

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats: A Lesson About Warm and Cool Colors

Color Mixing Activities

Scrapbox Abstract Collage • Paper Collage with Patterns

Drawing Game • Roll & Draw Farm Animals & Pets

How to Draw a Polar Bear

How to Draw a Rooster in the Style of Picasso

Elements of Art Interactive Page

Pumpkin Color & Write - Plus Drawing & Color Mixing

Chicks with Camouflage

Roll & Draw to Create Abstract Art • Easy Art Lesson

Llama Drawing & Art Activity

Drawing Winter Animals - Distance Learning Art Activity

How to Draw a Sunflower in the Style of Van Gogh • Integrated Art Lesson

Task Card & Foldable Zine for Markers & Colored Pencil Techniques

How to Draw a Castle in the Style of Mary Blair

Celtic Knot Color Wheels for Coloring

Elements of Art for Beginners - Abstracts

Turkey Drawing

How to Draw Monsters

Yayoi Kusama Mushroom Art Lesson with Infinity Nets

Principles of Design Posters & Interactive Activities

Gnome Drawing with Analogous Colors

Color Theory Questions • Interactive Google Slides

Abstract Art Drawing Scoot Game

How to Draw Wacky Birds

Cute Yeti Guided Drawing • Google Slides Activity



This valuable art lesson collection of art lessons is perfect for elementary students in grades 1 to 5. This bundle includes seven engaging lessons for each grade level, covering a variety of artistic skills and concepts. Each grade level’s selection of art lessons features a lesson on a famous artist, color theory, hands-on color application, and the exploration of abstract art. Additionally, students will enjoy a guided drawing activity (directed drawing) and an entertaining animal-themed roll & draw game.


What you’ll love!

Covers diverse skills and ideas across elementary grade levels.

Fosters the mastery of various drawing strategies.

Save time with user-friendly lesson plans and easy prep.

Ensures student engagement and enjoyment.

A valuable collection you’ll use for years to come.


What you Get:

First Grade:

  • Famous Artist • Miro Skyscapes
  • Elements & Principles • Texture Monsters (and adjectives)
  • Color Theory • Color Wheel Palette (color mixing)
  • Color Practice • Rainbow of Hope (also patterns)
  • Abstract • Abstract Cards (also patterns & textures)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Lion Drawing (courage lesson)
  • Directed Drawing • Woodland Animals 1


Second Grade:

  • Famous Artist • Britto Hearts (also patterns)
  • Elements & Principles • Dragons & Unicorns (also rainbow colors)
  • Color Theory • Hot Dogs & Cool Cats (warm & cool colors)
  • Color Practice • Color Mixing Activities (color wheels & formulas)
  • Abstract • Abstract Scrapbox (also patterns)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Farm & Pet Animals
  • Directed Drawing • Polar Bears (also Google Slides version)


Third Grade:

  • Famous Artist • Picasso’s Roosters (brought back to life)
  • Elements & Principles • Elements Interactive (all elements of art)
  • Color Theory • Pumpkin Coloring (color mixing)
  • Color Practice • Camo Chicks (complementary colors & textures)
  • Abstract • Abstract Roll & Draw (also patterns & textures)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Llamas (also 3D – pompoms, paper flowers, tassels)
  • Directed Drawing • Winter Animals (also Google Slides version)


Fourth Grade:

  • Famous Artist • Van Gogh Sunflowers (also art critique)
  • Elements & Principles • Art Task Cards and Foldable Zines (color, texture, value, & pattern)
  • Color Theory • Mary Blair Castles (also analogous colors)
  • Color Practice • Celtic Knot Color Wheels
  • Abstract • Abstract Elements (also elements of art)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Turkey Drawing (with fancy feathers)
  • Directed Drawing • How to Draw Monsters (also textures)


Fifth Grade:

  • Famous Artist • Kusama Mushrooms (color complements)
  • Elements & Principles • Principles of Design
  • Color Theory • Gnome Drawing (analogous colors)
  • Color Practice • Interactive Color Theory Questions (Google Slides)
  • Abstract • Abstract Scoot (also patterns & textures)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Wacky Birds (also patterns)
  • Directed Drawing • Yeti Drawing (also Google Slides version)


See the lessons in an Airtable data base where you can sort by grade or topic.

(You can also export the data into your own Airtable data base.)


You can add on these bundles without repeating any lessons:


Use this bundle to save time, save money, and have more fun teaching art!



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