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Get your art sub plans organized so that any substitute teacher could walk in with little notice and teach a successful elementary art lesson. You’ll get everything you need to set up an Art Sub Binder with helpful information for your sub and 10 easy lesson plans that students will enjoy and you’ll feel great about!

Imagine preparing for a sub without staying late, or waking up sick without the sinking feeling of not having sub plans!!  This is a game-changer!

This packet will help you customize and organize your sub binder using the following items:

2 cover sheets and 5 divider pages to organize your sub binder (in 3 style choices) The divider pages are the following categories:

  • The Cover “Sub Binder”
  • Schedules
  • Sub Lessons
  • Emergency Information
  • Helpful Information
  • Art Room Information

>>>>> A Total of 21 pages of Cover and Divider page choices

• A checklist of things to include in a “Sub Binder” with helpful hints. (2 pages)

• Table of contents for the lessons with thumbnail images of the artwork (to make picking a lesson easier for the sub). (1 page)

• Instruction pages for 10 easy lessons. The one-page instruction sheets for each lesson includes a description, a small image of the finished art, vocabulary words and definitions,  a list of supplies needed, step-by-step instructions.  (33 pages)

• I’ve also included a folder of lessons with the “British Spelling” of several words at no additional charge. (colour, favourite, and centre)

• All of the pages listed above are in PDF format and NOT EDITABLE.  You will, however, also get a folder of png files that will give you a blank cover in each of the 3 styles, plus a blank lesson page and blank watercolor pages.  You can put the png files in your own software and use text boxes to add your own information.  (7 pages)

>>>>> A Total of 40 pages of lessons and tips (non-editable)

7 Editable documents that include:

  •      Procedures (2 pages)
  •      Daily Schedule (1 page)
  •      Weekly Schedule (1 page)
  •      Art Room Map (1 page) **Google Draw only
  •      Note to Sub (1 page)
  •      Table of Contents (1 page)
  •      Sub Report (1 page)

>>>>> A Total of 8 editable pages

I’ve made 6 of the documents listed above in Rich Text Format so that they are fully editable. Those 6 documents are also available in Google Docs (links are provided).

**The map of the art room is available in Google Draw only.

>>>> A GRAND TOTAL OF 69 pages!

2020 Updates:

  • Many of the patterns in the Roll & Draw pages have been updated.
  • I’ve added watercolor swashes to the lessons and on one of the divider page choices.
  • The editable documents are now in “Rich Text Format” and in Google Docs instead of Word.
  • Several Typos have been fixed.

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