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Art Sub Lessons and Binder Info

Editable Rubric Template Kit - Visual Art Generic Rubric

Art Critique • Interactive Google Slides • Art Criticism

Easy Art Projects for Kids • One-Page Lessons • Home Art Lessons

72 Drawing Prompts for Elementary Art • Drawing Task Cards



Are you overwhelmed with all the little things?

I love making the job of an art teacher easier! So I was excited to put together this art teacher bundle of resources that will help your next year run smoother. Sub Binder info to be ready for the unexpected sick day. A rubric-making kit to make grading easier, an art critique activity (Google Slides) to make it fun to critique art, 14 Home Art Lessons that are great for calamity days, sub plans, or quick one-day lessons, and finally, drawing task cards that are great for centers, early finishers, or easy one-day lessons. These resources will help save you valuable time and help when you are in a pinch for a quick lesson.


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What you Get:

Sub Binder

  • Cover and Dividers (21 pages)
  • Lessons and Tips (43 pages)
  • Editable Pages (Google Docs) (8 pages)

>>>> A total of 72 pages!

Sub Binder Feedback:


I can’t believe that for the first time in 20 years will not have scramble the night before OR THE MORNING of an absence! This sub plan resource was the perfect combination of immediately useable and customizable plans! So many times art teacher resources are vague or not usable for a “real” art room. With this sub planning packet I can have a sub without worry- as long as my desk is clean! Thanks!

– Camille F.



Rubric Kit:

  • Illustrated Instructions (12 pages)
  • Editable Rubrics (Google Slides) (16 pages)
  • Non-Editable Rubrics (12 pages)
  • Rubric Boxes (10 pages)
  • Criteria (18 files)
  • Pictures (16 files)
  • Student Labels (10 files)
  • Face (6 files)
  • Descriptors by Students (6 pages)

>>>> A total of 106 pages!

Rubric Kit Feedback:


Loved this bundle. It was very easy to use. My students and I created a rubric together to grade our research project. It really had them take ownership for their work. 

~ Lani G.



Drawing Task Cards:

  • Teacher Instructions (4 pages)
  • Black and White Drawing Task Cards (18 pages)
  • Color Drawing Task Cards (18 pages)
  • Back-Side Designs each Theme (color & BW) (24 pages)

>>>>> A total of 64 pages!

With 72 unique drawing prompts, these cards are perfect for bell ringersart centers, or even sketchbook ideas.



Home Art Lessons:

  • Teacher Instructions (1 page)
  • Pattern Ideas (1 page)
  • Student Instructions (14 pages)
  • Drawing Pages (5 pages*) 

>>>>> A total of 21 pages!

* The frame page is repeated in the packet for clarity, but the repeated pages are not included in the page count.

Home Art Lessons Feedback

This packet was a life-saver! I used it for my at-home students and got rave reviews from parents, and I used it for “art on a cart” since I didn’t have full use of materials and space in my classroom.

~ CeeMarie in the Art Tree




Critique Questions (Google Slides):

  • Teacher Instructions (1 page)
  • Level One Questions (17 pages)
  • Level Two Questions (17 pages)

>>>>> A total of 33 pages!

Bring your art critique lesson to life with this Interactive Google Slides Art Critique activity! The perfect way to keep your students engaged and to teach them how to critique art!

  •  Be prepared for an unexpected sick day!
  •  Make grading easier and more meaningful.
  •  Have fun with your next art critique.
  • Keep early finishers busy drawing.
  • Be ready for school closures or distance learning.


Make this year a little easier with this money-saving art teacher bundle!


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