Avatars: A Lesson About Identity




With this elementary art lesson, students will be able to create an avatar drawing that represents their unique individuality and identity.

The Avatar Drawing Lesson includes a step-by-step tutorial that makes it easy for students to create an avatar self-portrait that looks like them. They can choose from a variety of features to represent themselves, such as their hair style, eye color, and clothing style. This lesson is not just for students who love art; it is for anyone who wants to express their identity in a unique and creative way.

But this lesson isn’t just about drawing an avatar. It’s about delving deeper into a student’s identity and helping them express themselves in a meaningful way. That’s why I included a mission statement activity, where students can choose to create a mission statement for school, life, or work. This activity encourages students to think about their values and what they want to achieve in the future. I’ve included 3 pages of sample mission statements to help jump-start students so that they don’t get stuck on this step.

This lesson includes 2 versions of the Avatar Guy and Avatar Gal drawing page: (with and without the facial features of eyes, nose, and mouth). This gives students a couple of options for the style of their avatars.

There is a tutorial page about making bold letters, a final drawing page, and a rubric for students to self-evaluate. The bottom of the rubric page has a place for students to write a statement about their identity.


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What’s inside:

  • 12 Slide PDF Presentation about Identity
  • 4 Pages of teacher instructions
  • 1 Formative Assessment
  • 4 Avatar drawing pages
  • 1 Final drawing page
  • 3 Versions of the mission writing page
  • 3 Pages of mission statement examples
  • 1 How to Make BOLD Letters page
  • 1 Rubric page (2 rubrics per page)

>>>>> A total of 30 pages!


Students Will:

  • Watch an Identity Presentation to help them define identity and see identity examples
  • Fill out a post-presentation assessment
  • Write a mission statement
  • Draw their name with bold lettering
  • Draw an avatar for themselves
  • Fill out a label and rubric



  • Writing
  • Identity
  • Art



– Provides a unique and engaging way for students to express themselves through art 

– Helps students explore and develop their identity through the creation of an avatar 

– Offers an opportunity for students to write a mission statement and reflect on their future goals 

– Includes a step-by-step drawing tutorial and rubric to ensure success 

– Comes with an identity presentation to help students understand the concept of identity




I used this resource to establish a theme for sketchbook covers for my 6th graders.  It was easy for them to understand and the drawing guides were very helpful for my students.

~ Kaitlin D.


I used this lesson with 3-5 graders and a group of 17 year old autistic students that are artistically about a 4th grade level.  It was a successful 1-2 day lesson.  Day one we did out mission work sheet.  Day 2 we created our avatar.  This would be an awesome lesson plan for a sub to use as well.

~ Lisa C.


We are doing a lot of social emotional lessons, and our theme is currently “Identity.” This fit along with it, and I had my students also add positive traits about themselves in the rays on the sides.

~ Ashley H.


With Avatar Drawing Lesson, students will be able to express their identity and creativity in a way that is truly unique and meaningful.


Good to know:

Expressive Monkey’s blog post about the Avatar Lesson.

This lesson includes the Identity Presentation, so don’t buy it separately.


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