Avatars: A Lesson About Identity




Are you looking for more ways to let students express their identity through a self portrait?

During this lesson, students will design an avatar to represent their identity.   They will write a mission statement that will be displayed under the avatar drawing on their final page.  They will also write their name using bold letters at the top of their final page.

This lesson includes 2 versions of the Avatar Guy and Avatar Gal drawing page: (with and without the facial features of eyes, nose, and mouth). 

You will get 3 versions of the mission writing statement.  One version is a school mission, another is a work mission statement and the third version is about a life mission.

There is a tutorial page about making bold letters, a final drawing page, and a rubric for students to self-evaluate.  The bottom of the rubric page has a place for students to write a statement about their identity.

What You Get

  • 12 Slide PDF Presentation about Identity
  • 4 Pages of teacher instructions
  • 1 Formative Assessment
  • 4 Avatar drawing pages
  • 1 Final drawing page
  • Versions of the mission writing page
  • How to Make BOLD Letters page
  • Rubric page (2 rubrics per page)

Students Will

  • Watch an Identity Presentation
  • Fill out a post-presentation assessment
  • Write a mission statement
  • Draw their name with bold lettering
  • Draw an avatar for themselves
  • Fill out a label and rubric


  • Writing
  • Identity
  • Art

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