Back to School Bundle for Art • Art Lessons for the Beginning of the Year

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Elements of Art Sketchbook Activities

Beginning of the Year Art Lesson • Name Design with Patterns and Adjectives

Animal Adventure Drawing: Easy Animal Drawing with Story Starters

Would You Rather Questions for Art

Cupcake Critique



Get ready to go back to school with ease! I understand the stress of preparing the classroom for the first day, so let me help you out. This carefully curated bundle includes activities to kickstart the first weeks of art lessons, requiring minimal prep and planning on your part.


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◉ Get to know your students better with Would You Rather Questions using Google Slides. This is also a great chance to see what kind of media and lessons they might enjoy and would be an easy activity to implement on the first day as a fun ice-breaker.

◉ You can use the Name Art lesson as your first art project. Start this on the first or second day and have students pick out adjectives that describe themselves. Students can finish this project with just markers and crayons.

◉ Introduce students to a fun way to give peer feedback on their first project with the Cupcake Critique.

◉ Cover the elements of art with the Elements of Art Sketchbook Activities. You can go through all the activities now or take them one at a time before each art project.

◉ As an alternative to covering the Elements of Art, you could get started using Squishy the Dragon and His Friends to get students drawing, ready, and writing animal adventures. The step-by-step drawing pages and story starters are a great drawing warm-activity


So don’t worry about the start of the year. Let this bundle give you some breathing room while ensuring your students have fun-filled lessons right from day one.


What you Get:

◉ Elements of Art Sketchbook Activities:

  • 6 pages of instructions
  • 3 pages of 1/2 sheet activities (2-3 per page)
  • 6 pages of full-sheet activities
  • A version of this resource is in a separate file with the British spelling of colour and favourite.

>>>> A total of 15 pages!

Lesson Feedback:


This has been great for deepening our understanding of art and its essential components. It has been really intriguing and fun for my son to help him grow in his art.

~ Jantra E.



◉ Name Art • Adjectives • with Patterns:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Student Instructions (2 pages)
  • Planning page (2 pages)
  • List of Adjectives (3 pages)
  • Drawing Pages (2 pages)
  • Pattern Ideas (1 page)

>>>>> A total of 13 pages!

Lesson Feedback:


I homeschool and used this with my 3rd-5th grade kids. It was a fun way for them to think about the good qualities they have, and a great keepsake to look back on in years to come.

~ Natalie B.



◉ Would You Rather Questions for Art:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Google Slides (63 pages)
  • Easel Activity (60 pages)
  • PDF Presentation (63 pages)
  • Random Selection Tool (3-minute MP4 video)
  • Printable Page (3 pages – 60 questions)

>>>>> A total of 60 questions in 5 different formats!

Use on the first day of art as an art ice-breaker, as a brain break, at the end of class as a class reward, or to get to know your class better before designing their curriculum.  



◉ Cupcake Critique:

• 2 Pages of instructions

• 5 Cupcake Critique designs

• 1 Editable Version (in Powerpoint)

>>>> A total of 8 pages!

Lesson Feedback:


Such a cute idea for writing celebrations! Easy to use and allows kids to provide feedback for one another! Loved it!

~ Grow and Glow Teaching



◉ Squishy the Dragon and Friends • Easy Animal Drawing with Story Starters:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Directed Drawing (14 pages)
  • Story Starter Pages (13 pages)
  • Writing & Illustration Pages (4 pages)

>>>>> A total of 34 pages!

Your students will learn how to draw the animals in six easy steps and in a variety of action poses that perfectly complement the 13 story starters included in this lesson.


Use this Back to School Bundle and say goodbye to the stress of planning and prepping for the first weeks of school



Easily download the PDFs with links that are automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!



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