Celtic Knot Drawing using Symmetry and Grids




Have you been looking for a way to integrate art into your social studies lesson about cultures?

Art teachers, do you want a fun way to teach symmetry, grid drawing, overlap, and shading?

The final result will be exquisite Celtic knot drawing that will make an impressive display.

Your students will:

  • Learn about the Celtic culture.
  • Do some warm-up exercises to build confidence (and allow you to pre-assess).
  • Use symmetry and a grid to finish the knot drawing.
  • Use the grid method to enlarge a Celtic knot.
  • Fill out a label and rubric.


  • Social studies – Celtic culture
  • Math – symmetry
  • Math – use of ruler

What You Get

  • Celtic Culture Presentation – 10 pages
  • Teacher Instructions – 5 pages
  • Knot Warm-Ups – 4 pages
  • Symmetry Grid Drawing – 3 pages
  • Enlarged Grid Drawing – 4 pages
  • Labels and Rubrics – 2 pages

A total of 38 pages

If you’d like to make Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters, check out my Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters lesson.

This drawing set is part of a series of drawing lessons designed to teach beginning drawing skills using a Medieval or fairytale theme.  You can get all the lessons in a Medieval Drawing Bundle to save money or see them separately using the links below.


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