Chinese New Year Drawing: Year of the Pig Art Activity




The Chinese New Year 2031 will be the start of the Year of the Pig.  Celebrate with this art activity that involves drawing a pig and adding Chinese designs to the pig.  

Your Students Will:

  • Draw a pig and add Chinese designs to the pig.
  • Add color using a choice of media.

What You Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Student Instructions {2 pages)
  • Chinese Designs (2 pages)
  • Roll & Draw (2 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (2 pages)
  • Directed Drawing (1 page)
  • Drawing Pages with Dog Outline & Blank (2 pages)
  • Print & Go Page (1 page)
  • Coloring (1 page)

>>>>> A total of 16 pages!


  • Art
  • Chinese Culture


Take a look at the preview images to see all the variations resource provides from drawing to coloring and everything in-between.  Lots of choices for both students and teachers so you can tailor this lesson to your students’ interests and skill level. Art teachers can use this as a drawing lesson & classroom teachers can feel confident having students either draw or color the designs using the drawing tutorials that are easy for anyone to follow.  You will also get several techniques ideas for adding color.  Of course, you can just use markers or colored pencils, but I always like to suggest a few ways to combine art media to produce a final result that really pops!

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