Color Mixing Activities




Teach your students about color using Expressive Monkey’s simple yet fun lesson activities.  Expressive Monkey’s color mixing activities include a pre and post-assessment to show that they know the primary and secondary colors.  In the activities, they will mix each secondary color along with showing what happens when all 3 primary colors mix.  They will also fill out a color wheel (with the colors labeled).  These are easy introductory lessons on color that would be appropriate for primary students.  (Ages 5-8).

I’ve included a version of this lesson with the British spelling of colour and favourite.

What You Get

  • 1 page of instructions
  • 1 page of pre-assessments
  • 1 page of activities

How it Works:

• Use the first page as an optional pre-assessment.  There are 6 assessments on the page that can be cut up to save on paper.

• After the pre-assessment, have students do the color mixing activities and color in the color wheel.  There is a post-assessment at the bottom of the page, so you can check for learning and understanding.  (Students fold the page over so they are not looking at the activities while they do the post-assessment.)

• The activities page could be reduced in size to fit 2 per 8.5×11 paper if you are conserving paper, or if you want the finished sheet glued into a sketchbook or learning journal.

• The bottom of the page is a post-assessment.  Students will fold the bottom section over and complete it without looking at the color mixing exercises.

HINT: In the color mixing section students could either find the proper secondary color (like green) or color one primary color on top of another (like yellow over blue) to create their own secondary colors.


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