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Introduce students to the world of color with this Color Mixing Activities and Color Wheels set.  I designed these activities to make learning fun and assess understanding of color theory.  This collection features 13 unique color wheels inspired by objects that students will love.  Use these wheels to spark creativity and tie them into your elementary art lessons.  The color mixing pages provide hands-on experience, teaching students how primary colors mix to create secondary colors.  Encourage experimentation as they overlap primary color crayons or colored pencils to bring the color wheels and formulas to life.


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What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Pre & Post Assessments (2 pages)
  • Color Mixing (1 page)
  • Sample Color Wheel – In Color (1 page)
  • Color Wheels (13 pages)
  • Color Formulas (12 pages)
  • Combo Pages (13 pages)

>>>>> A total of 55 pages!


I’ve included a version of this lesson with the British spelling of colour.


How it Works:

The pack includes a pre-assessment page, with four assessments per page that can be conveniently cut apart. Use it as an optional starting point to gauge your students’ initial knowledge.

After the pre-assessment, have students do the color mixing activities and color in the color wheel. A post-assessment is at the bottom of the page so that you can check for learning and understanding. (Students fold the page over so they are not looking at the activities while they do the post-assessment.)

I’ve also made the assessment strips 10 per page if you want to save paper.

In the color mixing section, students could either find the proper secondary color OR color one primary color on top of another to create the secondary colors by mixing two primary colors.

In this set, you will find an array of 13 color wheel designs inspired by objects that students will enjoy, which you can tie into art lessons. From jars and mice, perfect for a Mouse Paint book tie-in, to hearts, flowers, and leaves, ideal for seasonal themes, these designs add an extra layer of engagement to the learning process.

Students can complete the color wheels and formula pages using just the three primary colors, overlapping them to achieve the desired secondary colors. This technique works beautifully with crayons and colored pencils.

To ensure the best results, I recommend experimenting with different primary colors to see how they mix. Look for a red close to magenta and a blue close to cyan for optimal mixing outcomes. However, using only the three primary colors is entirely optional.

You might want to get a bulk order of each primary color. So that all students achieve the same results.

A corresponding color formula page accompanies each color wheel design.

For added convenience, I added a combination page featuring both the color wheel and formula on the same sheet in a smaller format. These can be easily glued into students’ sketchbooks, serving as a handy reference page.

The pre and post-assessments are at the bottom of the page, so you can just print and go.




Great little activity to introduce the colour wheel. Used it across three grades!

~ Kari M.



Really cute activities to learn about colors. Thanks!

~ Trisha B.



Such a fun activity! My kids were in awe! I printed it on larger paper so they had more room to paint!

~ Emily F.


Use these Color Mixing Activities to bring fun, hands-on activities to your students to help learn art concepts!



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