Color Wheels for Teaching Color Theory




Set of printable high-quality color wheels to teach color theory, mixing colors, primary colors, secondary colors, color harmonies, and color triads.  Print them out and post them in your room to make teaching color easier.  A great visual reminder for students when they want to mix colors or come up with a harmonious color scheme.

This set of images is from my Color Theory 101 & The Color Wheel blog post.  You will also get a 6-page transcript of the blog post (just the text) so that you have an easy reference when you want to talk about the color wheels.

Color Wheels:

  • Color Wheel
  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Color Mixing with Dot Dudes
  • Color Mixing Coloring Page
  • Intermediate Colors
  • Warm and Cool Colors
  • Analogous Colors
  • Color Complements
  • Split Complementary
  • Color Triads
  • Tint & Shades
  • Tones
  • Monochromatic Colors
  • Munsell Color Tree (3 files)
  • Plus a Blog Transcript (6 pages)

>>>>> A total of 17 png files 300psi and 6 pages!

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