Dice Roll Video




If you need a virtual dice for any of the roll and draw games you can use the link you receive from this free resource to either download the MP4 file of the dice roll, or just play it online.

If you purchased a Google Slide Roll & Draw game from Expressive Monkey, the video embedded in the game is hosted on Google Drive.  I assumed that would be the most reliable place for students to access the video.  Unfortunately, many students are not getting access.  This is a known issue with Google and there is nothing I can do from my end to fix this.  If this is the case for your students, there are two solutions.  If you can access Youtube in your district, you will find this video on Expressive Monkey’s Youtube channel.

The second solution is to add this resource to your cart and check out for free.  Then you can use the link that will be emailed to you to access the video.  You can either download the video or play it online.


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