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If you are a homeschool parent and use the CC curriculum, this will give you what you need for your cycle 3 drawing lessons.

If you are a Director or Art Facilitator you can get a discount for your district or homeschool site here!

You can click on each title to see more about each lesson.

Here is a description of what is included:

Set 1) The Columbian Exchange – Twin Drawings:

Christopher Columbus drawing activities focused on the food from his voyages & the Columbian Exchange of food. Kids will learn to draw at a beginning level through learning to break down the drawing into the 5 elements of shape. The drawing topic for this resource includes the food exchanged between the Old World and the New World after the discovery of America. This strategy of learning to draw is a fun drawing warm-up for more complicated drawings. Students can also try a mystery drawing, using the grid drawing method, of the Santa Maria. 

Inside The Columbian Exchange – Twin Drawings:

>>>>> A total of 28 pages!

Set 2) The Pilgrims – Symmetry Drawing:

Symmetry drawing worksheets that include Pilgrim drawings. These symmetry activity sheets are perfect for your Pilgrim study, math, and art lessons.  The lessons include some warm-up drawings along with food and people associated with the Pilgrim and their trip aboard the Mayflower. Symmetry also may fit into your math curriculum and is a fun way to teach kids about the line of symmetry (or reflection).

Inside The Pilgrims – Symmetry Drawing:

>>>>> A total of 35 pages

Set 3) Boston Tea Party – Upside-Down Drawing:

Integrate your Boston Tea Party lesson with art for a fun drawing activity.  Students will use the drawing strategy of making an upside-down to portray some of the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence.  Through the use of a grid drawing and drawing upside down, students will improve their drawing skills and also create historical drawings and a graphic organizer that they can fill out with some cause and effects of the Boston Tea Party.

Inside the Boston Tea Party – Upside Down Drawing:

>>>>> A total of 18 pages

Set 4) Independence – Abstract Art

Create a fun abstract work of art for Independence Day or learning about the Declaration of Independence. 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day or any day we celebrate our country and our freedom is the perfect time to make an abstract picture with a quote about freedom. This lesson comes in a print version that will give students instructions on how to design a firework burst to add to their abstract art. You will also get a link to an online Google Slide activity where students will roll a virtual Dice, then cut and paste clip art elements and combine them with a quote to create their own unique work of art.

Inside the Independence Abstract Art:

>>>>> A total of 17 pages!

Set 5) George Washington – Perspective Drawing

Add some art to your Colonial America lesson with a George Washington Drawing Activity.  Great for President’s Day too!  Teach some art concepts like perspective, horizon line, background, middle ground, and foreground so students can learn to show depth in their art.  There are a variety of activities to choose from to make differentiating easy.  Kids will learn how to draw George Washington through a variety of activities with some directed drawing along with roll & draw and choice drawing pages. The lesson starts out with a little art critique of some famous George Washington paintings, where students will explore how the artists show perspective.

What You Get:

>>>>> A total of 30 pages!

Set 6) Final Drawing –  Editable Choice Board of Ideas

This is a 9 grid choice board interactive page that gives students 8 final drawing choices (and one free choice) after completing the series of lessons in the Colonial America Drawing Bundle. Each choice has a companion page that gives students some images and reminders to help them complete a drawing that uses perspective.  The abstract art project doesn’t use perspective but gives students some ideas for using the 5 Elements of Shape in an abstract work of art. This lesson is only available with the bundle and is not sold separately.

What you Get:

>>>>> A Total of 13 pages


Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!


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