Drawing Dragons with Rainbow Colors




Dragons are not only popular in literature, but they are also fun to draw!  If you have students that love dragons, you will be a rock star when you show them how to draw a dragon! The drawing choices will spark creativity and the step by step tutorials, easy examples, and drawing game will encourage even your most reluctant drawings to give it a try.  Use the dragon drawing pages to help you teach the colors of the rainbow too!  Kids can add rainbow colors to the wings, spikes, and belly to help them remember.  You’ll get resources for lessons at several drawing levels so even beginners can feel successful.  This is a great resource for illustrating fairy tales, medieval fantasies and stories about a pet dragon (Even if your name is not Pete!)

Your students will:

  • Learn about the colors of the rainbow.
  • Learn how to draw a dragon.
  • Add the colors of the rainbow to the dragon.

What you get:

  • Instructions for Teachers – 4 pages
  • Drawing a full-body dragon (step by step) – 1 page
  • Drawing a dragon head (step by step) – 1 page
  • Drawing choices  for full body & head – 2 pages
  • Roll & Draw for head and body – 2 pages
  • Print & Go for head and full body – 2 pages
  • Color Lessons – 2 pages

>>>>>>> A total of 14 pages!

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