Drawing Mother’s Day Flowers




Mothers will be delighted to receive a handmade card featuring a charming bouquet of flowers drawn by their child.  Expressive Monkey’s directed drawing approach will give your students practice following instructions without resulting in cookie-cutter looking projects.  Each bouquet will be uniquely designed by students.


What You Get

  • Teacher instructions (5 pages)
  • Flower Roll & Draw (2 pages)
  • Flower Choice Drawing (1 page)
  • Choice Drawing with Hand (1 page)
  • Flower Read & Draw (1 page)
  • Flower Print & Go (2 pages)
  • Writing pages (2 pages)
  • Coloring pages (3 pages)

>>>>>  This makes a total of 17 pages.

To give you, the teacher, plenty of choices as well, you will get different approaches to drawing flowers that you can use with different age levels and abilities.  The instructions describe how they can be used. You will also get writing pages for students to fill out for the inside of a card or back of the artwork.   And just to make sure, I’ve created some coloring pages that can be used for students needing to make extra cards, for early finishers, or for students that were absent and need to catch up quick.

The directed drawing page (Read & Draw) can be used by students to practice following instructions, or they could be used by you to make a directed drawing of a symmetrical vase with your students.  Once they have the vase drawn, they can fill it with their choice of flowers.  There is a Choice Drawing page full of flowers to inspire your students.  Alternatively, you could follow-up with a Roll & Draw page for a fun drawing game.  (There is also a Roll & Draw page that uses different stems instead of a vase.)

If you want students to work more independently, they could use the Print & Go pages where they finish the drawing by adding flowers above the vase.  Sample flowers are provided on the edge of the page (that can be cut off later).

If you are short on time just use one of the 3 coloring pages for the front of the card, or as a Mother’s Day gift.

The finished art can be mounted on construction paper and used as a Mother’s Day gift.  Another option is to fold a larger piece of construction paper in 1/2, use the flower art on the cover and the writing page for the inside of the card.  Students will talk about what is special about their mom or another special lady on the writing page.

2019 Update:

I’ve added a page so you can make a flower bouquet in the style of Picasso’s “Bouquet of Peace”.  Students will trace their hand at the bottom of the page.  Another quick math tie-in is to have students trace 4 quarters to get the flowers started.  This will help them to remember that 4 quarters = one dollar!



Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!




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