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 Looking for a fun way to get your elementary students excited about art? With 72 unique drawing prompts, these cards are perfect for bell ringersart centers, or even sketchbook ideas.

The Drawing Task Cards are versatile and easy to use. Simply print the PDF, cut out the individual task cards, and they’re ready to be utilized in a variety of elementary art lessons. You can incorporate them into art stations, sketchbook activities, art lessons, or even as art challenges.

And with 12 different themes to choose from, including self-portrait drawing ideasanimals, and art challenges, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the color and black-and-white versions make incorporating these cards into your choice-based art lessons (TAB) or art sub lessons easy.


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Here are some ideas for incorporating drawing task cards into your art lessons:

Bell Ringers: Use the drawing task cards as quick warm-up activities at the beginning of class. Students can randomly select a card and spend a few minutes sketching their interpretation of the prompt.

Art Centers: Create an art center dedicated to drawing. Provide a stack of cards along with drawing materials, and allow students to choose a card and work on their drawing at their own pace during center time. You might find it helpful to rotate the cards throughout the year to keep the center interesting. You could start with 1-2 themes and switch to themes every 1-2 months.

Sketchbook Prompts: Have students keep a sketchbook for regular drawing practice. Assign drawing task cards as sketchbook prompts, encouraging students to complete a drawing based on the task card prompt in their sketchbooks.

Art Lessons: Use the art task cards to incorporate more choices in your art lesson. Allow students to choose which of a given theme of drawing task cards they’d like to use for their art project. Once they’ve completed the drawing, you can also give students a choice of what art media they’d like to use to finish their artwork. For example, students could choose from one of the self-portrait ideas to create their self-portrait.

Art Sub lesson: Leave the drawing task cards as a ready-to-use activity if you have a substitute teacher. The substitute can distribute the cards and have students work on their drawings independently. Divide the cards into 2-3 groups for 2-3 days of sub-activities.


What you Get:

  •  Teacher Instructions (4 pages)
  • Black and White Drawing Task Cards (18 pages)
  • Color Drawing Task Cards (18 pages)
  • Back-Side Designs each Theme (color & BW) (24 pages)

>>>> A total of 64 pages!


I’ve divided the drawing prompt into twelve themes:

1) Fantasy (8 prompts):

The fantasy task cards will inspire your students to draw magical things from a fantasy world, such as a fantasy landscape, a magic carpet ride, a mythological creature, and a map of a fantasy island.

2) Make-Believe (8 prompts):

The make-believe task cards help students imagine make-believe situations to draw, such as a vegetable dance party, a carrot that tells jokes, a superhero sidekick, and a robot dance party.

3) Animals (16 prompts):

The animal task cards put the animals in sometimes hilarious situations that I hope will spark your students’ imagination to want to illustrate the insect picnic, animal talent show, and other fun ideas.

4) Play (4 prompts):

The play task cards ask students to design new ways to play, such as a board game, new sport, and playground design. Encourage students to use dynamic action poses to show the action! 

5) Building (4 prompts):

The building-themed task cards challenge students to design a tree house, castle, cityscape, or animal house. Encourage students to have fun with the door and window designs and really give their buildings some personality.

6) Futuristic (8 prompts):

The futuristic-themed drawing task cards will challenge students to come up with ideas for robots, cities, vehicles, inventions, a spaceship, and aliens that they might find happening in the future.

7) Self-Portraits (4 prompts):

The self-portrait-themed drawing task cards give students four ideas for self-portraits, including using only geometric shapes, drawing their future selves, showcasing their personalities, and showing their emotions.

8) Fashion (4 prompts):

The fashion-theme-drawing task cards give students some fashion design challenges, such as an animal hat, a hat for themselves, and the best shoes ever.

9) Drawing Challenges (4 prompts):

This set of drawing task cards asks students to draw in unusual ways, such as using a variety of lines to draw an animal, using their opposite hand to draw something, drawing a self-portrait with only straight lines, and using only geometric shapes to draw a landscape.

10) Place (4 prompts):

The place-themed drawing task cards are designed to inspire students to draw a particular place, such as a dream vacation, a sunny day at the beach, a dream bedroom, or the place they see during a hot air balloon ride.

11) Nature (4 prompts):

The nature-themed drawing task cards are designed to inspire students to draw a certain place in nature, such as a place during a favorite season, a majestic tree in the forest, a mountain hike, and a peaceful garden.

12) Story (4 prompts):

The story-themed drawing task cards all involve illustrating a storyline or narrative, such as designing a book cover, depicting a fairy tale, creating a comic strip, or illustrating a favorite book.


 With these art task cards, students will develop their artistic abilities while having a blast along the way.


You can get the Drawing Task Cards in a money-saving bundle that will Make Teaching Art Easier.



Easily download this PDF with a link automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase, and you can begin drawing right away!



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