Drawing Sweet Treats




Are you looking for an irresistible way to get your kids to draw?

Drawing Sweets is just the ticket. Give it a try; your kids will be asking for seconds! You will get a Choice Drawing Page and Roll & Draw Page for each treat: ice cream cones, cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, and a pie slice.


You’ll also get 10 pages of Step by Step drawing pages with choices along the bottom for the following subject:

  • 1 slice of pie
  • 2 slices of cake
  • 2 cakes with pieces missing
  • 1 ice cream cone
  • 1 cupcake
  • 1 brownie
  • 1 donut
  • 1 with frosting and whipped cream


If you are doing an art lesson on Wayne Theibaud, this will be a perfect way to get your kids drawing some pop culture sweet treats.  

Drawing Sweets comes with 21 delicious drawing pages that are filled with mouth-watering sweets. Each page is designed to allow your students to choose their own unique path while they learn how to draw their favorite desserts. You’ll find a variety of formats so you can choose the right match for your students: Roll & Draw, Choice Drawing, Step-by-Step with Choices, and Print & Go pages; each provides students with guidance while offering design choices.


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What You Get:

  • Roll & Draw (5 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (5 pages)
  • Print & Go (1 page)
  • Step by Step with Choices (10 pages)
  • Coloring (7 pages)
  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Student Instructions (1 page)

>>>>> Which makes a total of 33 pages!


What happy teachers are saying:


I love the step by step directions, beautiful visuals and examples!

~ Jennifer T.



Worked very well as a class buddy activity with older & younger peers

~ Belinda B.



My art students had a lot of fun creating these different drawings. Most of them had never thought about drawing desserts before and were surprised at how easy it was.

~ Kellie W.


 Make your art lessons even sweeter with Drawing Sweets and build your students’ confidence in their drawing abilities!  



Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!



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