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Make writing rubrics easy with editable templates! The fun smiley faces icons and illustrated criteria are perfect for elementary visual art lessons! You’ll love the Google Slide rubrics that are ready to use or edit. Download them as PowerPoint files or use your own software to start from scratch with the png files for rubric boxes, smiley faces, and other clip art.

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What You Get:

Illustrated Instructions6 pages of instructions and 6 reference pages that show you visually what you get in each folder. To use this rubric kit, you will need software in which you can insert and layer images easily. The samples included in this kit are made in Google Slides and can be edited to fit your needs. Other software, such as Adobe InDesign or PowerPoint will also work if you want to start from scratch.

Google Docs:

You will also get 12 pages of pre-made rubrics in Google Docs that can be printed and used as is, or edited to best fit the project that your students are doing. You can also download the editable samples as PowerPoint files.

Rubric Boxes – 10 different formats of rubrics:

  • 3×4 has room for 3 different criteria and 3 levels of performance
  • 4×4 has room for 4 different criteria and 3 levels of performance
  • 5×4 has room for 5 different criteria and 3 levels of performance
  • 4×5 has room for 4 different criteria and 4 levels of performance
  • Blank Prompts has 3 criteria, 3 levels, and room for student goals (you can add your own prompts if desired)
  • With Prompts has 3 criteria, 3 levels, room for student goals, and generic prompts for goal writing
  • There is also a version with 3 criteria, 4 levels, room for student goals, and generic prompts for goal writing
  • Best & Worst has 2 writing areas for students to answer the questions about what they did best and what they need to work on.
  • Writing No Question has 2 writing areas and a place for you to add your own question.
  • Explain Level has 2 criteria and a place for students to explain why they chose that level.

Criteria20 different criteria already written with pictures included.  Each criterion can be selected and pasted over the blank rubric in the first box of each row. (See sample rubrics for an example)

Pictures –16 different clip art pictures of art supplies and icons to use in the criteria area of the rubric.  You can just have the picture for younger students, or you can type in your own criteria in addition to the image.  Also, think of this as getting 16 clip art files.  This alone can be very useful.

Student Labels10 different styles of labels that you can use under the smaller rubrics (3×4 and 4×4). (See sample rubrics for examples.) Also, think of this as getting 10 clip art labels that can be used for other things.  This alone can be useful.

Faces – 6 different smiley faces with expressions to show different levels of performance.

Rubric Samples12 different editable rubrics in Google Slides along with a folder of PNG files of the same rubrics.  The PNG files will give you a quick picture of the rubric samples in case you don’t have or want to use Google Slides to make your rubrics.  There are instructions in the lower section of each Google slide.  You could also download the files as PPT files to edit in PowerPoint.

Descriptors By Students 6 pages, each with a different face indicating a level of performance.  These pages can be used for student-generated descriptors.  There is also a text file of instructions to give you ideas about how to do this.

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