Egg Roll, Draw & Write




Looking for an egg-citing activity around Easter?

Use these engaging drawing sheets to practice writing, drawing and color families.

Expressive Monkey’s Egg Roll, Draw & Write is a simple and fun way to practice drawing, color terms and writing (art criticism).  Students will roll the dice to pick out patterns for their egg and then roll again for a color scheme.  Once the eggs are done, students will be asked to write (with guidance) 3 complete sentences about their egg with descriptive writing. 

The eggs can be turned into countless finished art projects once students have their basic egg design figured out.

As a bonus:

I’ve also included an egg coloring sheet for early finishers, or use it for reference when drawing the egg designs.

The Roll & Draw sheets come in 2 versions:

One version has color theory terms: secondary colors, warm colors, cool colors and color complements.  This version would be great for older students who have a little color theory background.

The other version has just descriptive colors: bright colors, light colors, bold colors, happy colors, exciting colors and peaceful colors.  This version would work best for younger students of those without much color theory background.  This version is also designed to be used for classroom teachers that don’t want to touch on color theory as part of the lesson but would rather emphasize the writing activity.

 What You Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (2 pages)
  • Color Terms for Students (1 page)
  • Roll & Draw Sheets (2 pages)
  • Writing Sheet (2 pages)
  • Coloring Sheet (1 page)
  • Blank Eggs (1 page)

>>>>> This makes a total of 9 pages


Designed to be different:

  • Roll & Draw pages turn drawing into a fun game.
  • Simple drawings ideas help children feel successful.
  • Finding drawing combinations keep kids drawing longer.
  • Drawing choices invite children to think.

 You’ll want to be sure to download the free binder cover so that you can start your binder of Expressive Monkey drawing pages.




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