Elements Abstracts




Elements Abstracts is a fun art lesson that reviews the elements of art and also creates an abstract work of art.  Students will roll the dice and for each roll of the dice, they will add a new element of art to their abstract picture.

In this product you will get 3 different versions of the Elements Abstracts Dice Drawing Sheets:

Elements Abstract #1 is the easiest and the color groups are bright colors, dull colors, light colors, dark colors, bold colors and angry colors.  Students can interpret the color groups however they want.

Elements Abstract #2 has the following color groups: festive colors, deep colors, jazzy colors, pastel colors and rich colors.  Again, the students can interpret the color groups, which could lead into a nice verbal or written critique of why they chose their color groups.

Elements Abstract # 3 has the most formal color groups of primary colors, secondary colors, warm colors, cool colors, monochromatic colors and color complements.  Definitions are provided for all of the art terms.  This would be great for older students as a color theory review.

This Lesson Includes:

  • Teacher Instructions – 2 pages
  • Vocabulary Definitions – 1 page
  • Elements Abstract #1 – 2 pages (color and BW)
  • Elements Abstract #2 – 2 pages (color and BW)
  • Elements Abstract #3 – 2 pages (color and BW)


Here is a collection of Abstract Art Lessons:


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