Emoji Drawing & I Statement Writing – Art Lesson and SEL Activity




This fun social and emotional learning activity uses emojis and I statements in an art lesson that included writing “I statements” or (I messages).  Students will learn to draw emojis and then design an emoji that shows how they are feeling.  They will learn to write an “I statement” that communicates how they feel and a follow-up message about what they would like to see happen.

What You Get:

  • Instructions (3 pages)
  • Happy Emoji Roll & Dra
  • Happy Emoji Choice Drawing
  • Unhappy Emoji Roll & Draw
  • Unhappy Emoji Choice Drawing
  • Silly Emoji Roll & Draw
  • Silly Emoji Choice Drawing
  • Feeling Emoji Reference Page
  • I Statement Writing (4 pages)

>>>>> A total of 14 pages!

If you would like more information about writing I statements, take a look at my blog post

What are I-statements?

There are 4 options on how to use the emojis to write “I statements”:

One Page Per Student:

1) Have each student draw a happy, unhappy and silly emoji, then put each one on a writing page and identify the specific feeling and when they feel that way.

2) Have each student draw 2  emojis of feelings experienced when they were having a difficult time on the 2-part writing/drawing page.  Then use the writing section to tell when they felt that way, what they want to happen, and something they can try that might make things better

Cut-Apart Pages

3) One page just asks students to identify the feeling and tell when they feel that way.  This could be a range from happy to unhappy.

4) The other page has the same writing prompts (on a 1/2 sheet) for when they are having a difficult time. (Tell when they felt that way, what they want to happen, and something they can try that might make things better.)  These 1/2 page sheets could be left out for students to access as needed once you’ve done this activity with the class.

emoji choice drawing

Choice Drawing Pages

The choice drawing pages include a list of feeling words that might match the faces created with the set of features on that page.  This will help students identify their specific feeling better instead of just saying “happy” or “sad”.

feeling emojis

Feeling Page

The Feeling Emoji Reference Page has all the feeling words listed on the choice drawing pages along with emojis that I’ve come up with.  This page might help students that can’t read the feeling words understand what they mean.  (young readers and ELL students)  The reference page could also be displayed in the room to help students come up with the right word to identify the feeling they are experiencing as a way to communicate their feelings to others.

roll & draw emojis

Roll & Draw Page

The Roll & Draw pages are fun for students and can be used for early finishers or during free time.

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