Fall Art Projects • Art Activity Bundle

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How to Draw a Sunflower in the Style of Van Gogh • Integrated Art Lesson

Fall Drawing Fun

Fall Roll A Doodle

Leaf Coloring Pages

Pumpkin Pages Freebie

Yayoi Kusama Dot Pumpkin Art Lesson with Infinity Nets



Fall art lessons that are loaded with fun, hands-on activities to help your students build drawing and art concepts!

Drawing can be tricky for kids. This packet makes learning to draw a breeze. Engaging, FUN, and NO PREP worksheets help students become confident at drawing. Even if you struggle with drawing yourself!

Get this money-saving bundle and get a collection of resources to save you time and have your students drawing in no time!


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Included in this resource:

Fall Drawing Fun

How to draw step by step with design choices for your fall art lessons! This drawing packet will give your students inspiration and ideas for your next scarecrow craft, jack-o-lantern drawing, monster activity, and more! Kids love all the design ideas and the fun roll & draw games.

Give students an engaging drawing activity that even reluctant drawers will enjoy!  


Fall Doodle

Learn how to draw a fall doodle step by step; great for drawing with kids to make a fall art project. See how to draw an easy plant, bird, animal, mushroom, fox, owl, turkey, food, and other fall motifs to make an easy doodle drawing with kids. This fun drawing lesson shows how to draw over 100 fall doodles step by step and put them into a fall doodle drawing.

These lessons bring engaging, hands-on activities to your students to help build confidence, improve fine motor and problem-solving skills, and stretch their imaginations!


Kusama Pumpkins

Make a polka dot pumpkin drawing with this Yayoi Kusama pumpkin art lesson for kids. Pattern ideas so that each pumpkin will be different. Just what you need for your Yayoi Kusama dot pumpkin art lesson! Lots of pattern ideas for your art projects for kids! Step-by-step infinity nets, too!

Students have fun while learning drawing strategies they can apply to other drawings.


Van Gogh Sunflowers

The students can use the roll and draw sheet and dice to roll for the vase design and the design of 3 flowers. 

Alternatively, students could use the description cards to listen to the teacher read, or read the description of their flowers themselves, then draw each flower. This will help reinforce listening and reading skills.

Use the van Gogh presentation to introduce your students to the artist Vincent van Gogh. During the presentation, there will be several opportunities for your students to practice critiquing art. They will be asked to compare and contrast paintings by van Gogh and photographs of sunflowers. They will also be asked to use descriptive words to talk about the colors, textures, and patterns found in the paintings and photographs.

Use this art teacher-designed lesson to save time and focus on teaching.


Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

2 leaf coloring pages with 16 stylized leaf designs to color for a fun fall coloring page for adults or kids. 


3 Pumpkins Coloring Pages

Get 3 printable pumpkin coloring sheets for fall art projects. Practice shading or drawing pumpkin faces for Halloween jack-o-lanterns.


What happy teachers are saying:

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins:


This is one of my favorite lessons by Expressive Monkey ( I love many)!

It is supremely well thought out and executed. The artist, Yayoi Kusama, is well covered. You will fall in love with her art and her style. The art lessons are excellent and meticulously explained. My students adored this lesson. I cannot wait to teach it again next year. Thank you for this superb resource!

Catherine M.


Van Gogh Sunflower Drawing:


My students so enjoyed this activity. It pushed them past their comfort zones of what they were used to, and helped them to create more complex artwork. They enjoyed learning background about the artist, and really enjoyed displaying their work. It was so helpful for me to walk through how to teach concepts of art, as I am definitely not an art teacher. Just open and go! Great resource!

Elizabeth J.


Fall Drawing Fun:


This was so much fun! Unique every time and great seasonal activity! Thanks!

Dawn G.



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