Father’s Day Card: Drawing Dad & Me




Make your Father’s Day craft extra special with a drawing of dad with his child! You can make a card or just a drawing. Don’t be nervous about having kids draw a portrait. The step-by-step instructions and starting template will ensure kids are off to a great start.  Lots of hair choices to fit different ethnicities and cultures. 

What You Get

  • Teacher instructions (6 pages)
  • Steps to Draw Dad (1 page)
  • Steps to Draw Me (Student) (1 page)
  • Eyes & Mouth (1 page)
  • Drawing Men’s Hair (6 pages)
  • Drawing Kid’s Hair (4 pages)
  • Head Coverings (1 page)
  • Samples – Men with Shirts (1 page)
  • Full Page Drawing Templates (6 pages)
  • Half Page Drawing Templates (6 pages)
  • Blank Frames – 2 sizes (2 pages)
  • Happy Father’s Day Coloring Pages – 2 sizes (4 pages)
  • Writing Pages – 2 sizes (2 pages)

>>>>>  This makes a total of 41 pages.

Expressive Monkey’s directed drawing approach will give your students practice following instructions without resulting in cookie-cutter looking projects.  Each portrait will be uniquely designed by students through the many choices offered for eyes, hair and clothes, etc.

The directed drawing page (Step to Draw Dad) can be used by students to practice following instructions, or they could be used by you to make a directed drawing of a man’s face with your students.  Once they have the face drawn, they can add their own hairstyle (using the Steps to Draw Hair page) and shirt designs.  They will also have a directed drawing page to add a self-portrait in the picture.  There are 4 different pages of hair ideas for long, short,  medium, braids & curly hair.

The finished art can be mounted on construction paper and used as a Father’s Day gift (just glue the writing page to the back). 

Another option is to fold a larger piece of construction paper in 1/2, use the portrait on the cover and the writing page for the inside of the card.  Students will talk about what is special about their dad or another father figure on the writing page. I’ve also made 2 different “Happy Father’s Day” designs that can be colored in as either the front or inside of the card.  Teacher’s you have lots of choices as well on how to use this Father’s Day card and gift maker.


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