Homeschool Drawing Bundle • Integrated Drawing Lessons


Drawing Ideas for All Seasons

Twin Drawings of the Columbian Exchange

How to Draw Greek Motifs and Make Greek Patterns

Symmetry Drawing - Greek Vases and Patterns

Symmetry Drawing with Pilgrims

Fairytale & Medieval Symmetry Drawing

How to Draw - 7 Wonders of the Ancient World - Upside-Down Drawing

Boston Tea Party Upside-Down Drawing

How to Draw Knights & Dragons - Upside-Down Drawing - Medieval Times

Perspective Drawing: Showing Perspective with Castles, Dragons + a Princess & Frog

One-Point Perspective Art Lesson - di Vinci's Last Supper & Self-Portrait Drawing

George Washington Perspective Drawing

How to draw Celtic Knots from Ancient Roman Mosaics

How to Draw a Celtic Knot

Australian Animals Directed Drawing

Woodland Animals Directed Drawing Set 2

How to Draw Chinese Zodiac Animals

Drawing Sweet Treats

How to Draw an Elf

Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters



Are you interested in incorporating drawing into your homeschool curriculum but unsure of where to start? This collection of homeschool drawing lessons is specifically designed for homeschooling or teachers interested in integrating drawing techniques with various academic subjects like Medieval Times, Ancient History, and Early American History. 

Students will learn drawing strategies such as symmetrical drawing, upside down drawing, perspective drawing, and grid drawing.

Additionally, I’ve included a selection of enjoyable drawing lessons centered around different topics, all of which use helpful drawing strategies.


What you’ll love!

  The lessons integrate with other subjects.

  Students will learn a variety of drawing strategies.

  The Instructions are easy to follow for non-art teachers.

  You can rotate through these lessons for years to come.


What you Get:

Drawing Inspiration:

  • Drawing Ideas for All Seasons


Twin Drawing:

  • Columbian Exchange
  • Greek Motifs


Symmetry Drawing:

  • Greek Vase
  • Pilgrims
  • Medieval


Upside Down Drawing:

  • 7 Wonders of the World
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • Knights and Dragons


Perspective Drawing:

  • Castles & Dragons
  • The Last Supper & Lunch with a Friend
  • George Washington


Grid Drawing:

  • Roman Mosaic Knot
  • Celtic Knot Drawing


Animal Directed Drawing:

  • Australian Animals
  • Woodland Animals
  • Chinese Zodiac


Choice Drawing:

  • Sweet Treats
  • Animals with Expressions
  • How to an Elf


Use this homeschool drawing bundle to easily include drawing in your homeschool lessons, even if you think you can’t draw.



Easily download the PDFs with a links that are automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!


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