How to Draw a Leprechaun




How to draw a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day.  Easy drawing ideas that will make any leprechaun craft for kids more adorable! This fun drawing game also has step-by-step instructions along with lots of choices so that each leprechaun will look unique.

This set also includes a writing activity for students to describe how to catch a leprechaun and what wishes they would want to be granted by the leprechaun’s luck.
The Google Slide Roll & Draw activity is perfect for distance learning complete with a dice roll video so that students don’t need their own dice.
What You Get:
♣ Teacher instructions (3 pages)
♣ Leprechaun Roll & Draw (1 page)
♣ Leprechaun Choice Drawing (1 page)
♣ Leprechaun Read & Draw (1 page)
♣ Leprechaun Print & Go (2 pages)
♣ Story writing and illustrating (4 pages)
♣ Make a Wish (1 page)
♣ Google Slide Roll & Draw (1 page)
>>>>> This makes a total of 14 pages!
Here is a collection of Spring Art Lessons from Expressive Monkey:
See some colored pencils techniques you can use on your leprechaun in this Leprechaun Drawing with Colored Pencil Techniques blog post.

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