How to Draw Potato People: Directed Drawing and Writing Activity




Inspire writing and tons of creativity with this potato person drawing and writing lesson.   Get directed drawing pages, lots of choices for unique art & helpful pre-writing pages to get your students writing their own stories about their potato person.

Your students will:

  • Either read the directed drawing page themselves or have you read and demonstrate for them.
  • Draw a potato head and body from the directions
  • Make their own choices for the hats, eyes, nose, and mouth.

To write a story, your students will:

  • Do a character development graphic organizer for their potato person.
  • Fill out a story map for their story.
  • Write & illustrate their story.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Following directions
  • Drawing

What You Get

  • Teacher Instructions (6 pages)
  • Directed Drawing (3 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (3 pages)
  • Roll & Draw ( 3 pages)
  • Print & Go (3 pages) – Great for drawing centers!
  • Drawing Extensions (1 page)
  • Pre-Writing (3 pages)
  • Story Writing Pages (4 pages)

A total of 26 pages

Are you tired of your directed drawings that all look the same?  Expressive Monkey’s directed drawing pages will take the fear out of teaching drawing and help you say goodbye to cookie-cutter results.

The fun thing about Expressive Monkey’s “directed drawing” pages is that students still get to make choices about what their drawings will look like.  The directed portion will help build confidence and get students off to a good start.  The choices will give them the freedom to make their potato people look how they would like.

Students can either turn drawing into a game by using the Roll & Draw page to make choices for their potato people or use the Choice Drawing page to pick from the ideas for hats, eyes, noses, and mouths.  They will make either a potato man, lady or kid (or maybe all three).

I like having students make more than one drawing and then choose their favorite for a finished work of art.


Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!



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