Identity Presentation




Introduce your students to the concept of Identity.

The purpose of this presentation is to define the word “Identity” and give some examples of how we can show our identity through our choices in clothing, hairstyles, and accessories.

In the formative assessment that can be used immediately following the presentation, students are asked to answer the question, “How do you show your identity through your clothing, hair, and accessories?”

This presentation can precede an art lesson where students make a design for clothing (shirt, shoes, etc…),  accessories (necklace, glasses, etc…) or a hairstyle.

This presentation could also be followed up with a self-portrait where students are encouraged so give clues about their identity through the clothes, hairstyle, and accessories they add to their self-portrait.

Expressive Monkey’s Avatar lesson would be a great lesson to use as a follow-up.  This presentation is included in Expressive Monkey’s Avatar Lesson, so you don’t need to buy the presentation here.  (Click on the word Avatar to go to that lesson.)

What You Get

  • 12 Pages PDF presentation on IDENTITY
  • 1 Page of instruction
  • 1 Page of lesson ideas
  • 1 Page (4 per page) of formative assessments on the presentation
  • The PDF presentation should be viewed in “Full Screen” mode.  Then use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate.

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