My Year in Art




Give your students a fun way to tell you about their year in art class!

There are 3 different sheet design choices.  The first sheet is designed to be attached to or part of a student art portfolio.  The last 2 sheets are just general questions about the art lessons from the year.  You can decide which sheet you like best based on the questions.   I’ve also made pages with 2 per page (1/2 sheet size), so you can print them smaller and save paper if you would prefer that.

I’ve included a version of this lesson that has the colour and favourite spelling.

On all of the sheets, students will be asked to change a cartoon to look like them.

I’ve faded out the bottom of my drawing so that students can change the outline to fit the kind of clothes they like to wear.  For example, they might want to be wearing a skirt and boots.  The top of the cartoon is faded out so that the students can make the hair and eyes look like their own hair and eyes. I’ve included a page of drawing tips to help them get started on their cartoon self-portrait.

What Students will Do (This Varies by Sheet)

  • Show favorite color made by mixing.
  • Draw favorite art project.
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Bring your attention to something they did this year.
  • Tell you what they want to do next year.
  • Tell you something they learned this year.
  • Draw a picture of their art teacher.
  • Tell you one thing they would change.
  • Tell you one thing they won’t forget.
  • Show their favorite colors.

What You Get

  • 2 pages of teacher instructions
  • 3 variations of the activity sheet
  • 3 pages of the same activity sheets arranged 2 per page (1/2 sheet size)
  • 1 page of drawing tips for the cartoon self-portrait

I hope that you and your students enjoy this art lesson activity and that it helps you learn about your students and their art experience.

Parents will also learn more about their children and all the wonderful things they did in your art class.



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