Op Art Hearts Assemblage Class Project and Writing Pages




Love will be in the air when you display this attractive collaborative project!  Follow up a lesson on friendship or feelings with a visual reminder to show love to one another. They can be displayed in a rectangle block, or used as a border around a door or bulletin board.

Don’t just wait until Valentines Day, use more color combinations (other than just red & pink) and you have a splendid lesson for any time of the year!

You students will have so much fun creating some vibrant Op Art Hearts that they won’t notice how much they are learning!  They will be thrilled with their results, but behind the “pretty picture” they will also learn several art concepts.

Your students will:

  • Learn about Op Art and how implied contours are created.
  • Learn how warm and cool colors can create an illusion.
  • Make a collaborative op art heart project.
  • Write about the meaning of love, friendship or caring.


  • Color Theory – warm  & cool
  • The Science of Op Art – implied contours
  • The Elements of Art – positive & negative shapes, color, line
  • Writing

This art lesson packet includes the presentations and handouts to help you from start to finish!  Just print and go!

The 7.5” squares can be taped together or assembled on a larger paper for a quilt-like group project.  There is also a writing alternative in this set that has the heart inside the square for students to draw on.  Then, instead of cutting it out, they complete the sentence “Love is…”, “Compassion is…” or “Friendship is …” at the bottom of the page.

What you get:

  • Table of Contents (great as a reference)- 1 page
  • Instruction Sheets for Teachers – 3 pages
  • Student Drawing Page – 1 page
  • Student Drawing Instruction Pages – 3 pages
  • Student Writing Pages – 3 Pages
  • Color Examples – 2 pages
  • PDF Presentation on Op Art Stars – 30 slides

A total of 43 pages

This lesson is included in OP ART HEARTS.

Here are some more lessons that teach about the Elements of Art.Here are some more lessons that teach about Op Art.


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