Op Art Hearts Coloring Pages




Are you teaching Op Art and want to create your own Powerpoint to show how colors help create the illusions in Op Art? 

You can use these graphics to illustrate various illusions.

Students can also color in the line or black and white images as a way to put your color lessons to use.  When I used these images, I wanted students to try out their op art color scheme before using colors in their own work.  I wanted them to be sure their colors contrasted enough.

You will get  4 different designs using the words OP ART,  that can be used in art lessons to teach about Op Art and color theory.  Each design utilizes a different phenomenon in Op Art.  In the first 3, perspective is created using horizontal stripes, concentric circles and converging lines.  In the last example a wave is created by repeating a curved line in the style of artist, Bridget Riley.

The 4 Designs are each used in the following 6 variations (making 24 images):

  • Black and White
  • Black Line
  • Black and One Other Color
  • Contrasting Colors
  • Contrasting Colors with Tints and Shades
  • Black with Transparent Background

Black and White

The Black and White images can be used to demonstrate the use of positive/negative shapes in the creation of Op Art.  They can also be printed out and used as  coloring sheets for students to warm up, or for early finishers.  The 300dpi png files will make a high quality 8.5 x 11 print.

Black Line

The line designs were created as coloring pages for students to test out their color choices.  This would be a great follow up to my “Contrasting Colors” art lesson.

Black with One Other Color

This is the same as the black and white design, only I’ve substituted a color instead of white.  I chose a color from the same color scheme as the contrasting colors.

Contrasting Colors

The color examples demonstrate using contrasting colors.  The complementary pairs of purple/yellow, red/green, and blue/orange are represented along with warm and cool neutral colors.If you want to show students the power of using tints and shades.  (Each design has a different color contrasting color scheme.) I’ve made the contrasting colors (color complements and warm/cool) with tints and shades of each color.  This will demonstrate that the principle of design, VARIETY, does add spice to your work!

Black with Transparent Background

The last variation I’ve made is black with a transparent background.  This gives you the option to place the image above whatever color you want…or even another image!

I hope you will enjoy using these images in your art lessons and exploring the possibilities of color with your students!


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