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Discover the beauty of Op Art by turning a heart drawing into an optical illusion. The step-by-step instructions make teaching op art easy!

With Op Art Hearts, you can learn about the exciting concept of Op Art and how implied contours create an illusion. 

Uncover the power of warm and cool colors to create an optical illusion

Learn how you can use curving lines to create the illusion of depth. Then put your knowledge to the test by creating your own Op Art Heart design. 

After completing your masterpiece, fill out a label and rubric to evaluate your work. 

Optional activity – collaborate with others by making a group Op Art Heart project or Heart Square. You can use the Heart Square project as an opportunity to write about the meaning of love, friendship, or caring when students do the writing activity at the bottom of the page. 

For a quicker project, color an Op Art Heart coloring sheet using color theory. The coloring pages also make an easy sub-plan or activity for early finishers.

This lesson has many options: find something for your art students of all ages and repeat the lessons in different ways for years to come.


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Your students will:

  • Learn about Op Art and how implied contours are created.
  • Learn how warm and cool colors can create an illusion.
  • Make one of 7 Op Art Heart projects.
  • OR Make a Collaborative Op Art Heart project.
  • Write about the meaning of love, friendship or caring.
  • Self-assess on a rubric.
  • Write about the colors they used in an art critique.



  • Color Theory – warm  & cool
  • The Science of Op Art – implied contours
  • The Elements of Art – positive & negative shapes, color, line
  • Writing


What you get:

  • 1 page of vocabulary terms and definitions
  • 3 pages of definition display cards
  • 1 page of variation ideas for the lessons
  • 4 pages of labels and rubrics
  • 12 pages of instructions (1 for each lesson)
  • 12 pages of handouts (1 for each lesson)
  • 30 slide presentation on warm/cool colors and the optical illusions
  • 4 pages of art critique handouts (3) and instructions
  • 14 pages of coloring pages for students to color
  • 2 pages of coloring page lesson ideas
  • 13 pages of the Op Art Hearts Collaborative Project

>>>>> A total of 102 pages!



Good to Know:

This lesson contains the following products (also sold separately):

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I loved that I didn’t have to try and find various templates for the art.  This made the art project very easy for my students to have choice as well as examples for those that wanted to attempt to great one of their own.

~ Jennifer V.


This resource was wonderful to use during my 6th grade art class! Everything was already included in this lesson, so it was easy to immediately begin teaching it. I loved all of the examples of the different Op Art Hearts. After we discussed the lesson, students got to pick which heart they wanted to create. It was awesome to discuss colors and color combinations as well from this resource..it really kept students engaged and thinking about their color palettes. I definitely recommend using this resource and I plan on using it for future lessons!

~ Emily H.


This was a GREAT tool that I used last year as a sub plan when I was out sick for a week. The instructions are clear for the teacher and the student. The students always love Op Art – and it engages on many skill levels.

~ Candice J.


? Create an eye-catching masterpiece with Op Art Hearts! ?



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