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To make art critiques more enjoyable and engaging, I have compiled a list of 32 art critique questions that can be written on ping-pong balls. Simply write the questions on the balls, place them in a bucket or plastic container, and have your students pick one at random to answer. 

With these simple steps, you’re all set to make your art critiques more entertaining and interactive.

Hint: If you need to make the label for the container smaller, adjust the % in your printer settings; for example, make it print at 80% of the actual size.


Ways to Use the Ping Pong Art Critique:

You can sort through the balls to tailor your critique to certain works of art. However, I’ve tried to make the questions broad enough to fit most works of art. I’ve also tried to incorporate many elements and principles of design in my questions.

You can use this critique when introducing an artist at the beginning of an art lesson. After critiquing the artist’s work and studying it visually, students will naturally want to learn more about the artist and be more receptive to new information.

You could also pull out appropriate questions to have students answer when talking about a peer’s work of art at the end of an art lesson.

I hope your students will enjoy this activity!



But if you don’t want to use real ping pong balls, I have 2 more options:

I’ve written the questions on ping pong ball shapes if you would rather just print and cut out the ping pong balls. This would be an affordable way to make a set for each table or group of students. (Have students help you cut them out!)  

As another option, I also made a design for the back of the ping pong balls (with your choice of black or red print). Run the copies through the printer again, this time printing the back design on the back of each paper. Then cut them out. Students can start with all the ping pong balls turned over on a table and take turns picking one question at a time.


What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (1 page)
  • Level One Questions (17 pages)
  • Level Two Questions (17 pages)

>>>>> A total of 33 pages!

The perfect way to keep your students engaged and to teach them how to critique art!


If you are running short of time or can’t find your ping pong balls, try this Google Sides Art Critique Activity (with the same questions) that is READY TO GO! 



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