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Pysanky eggs coloring pages with designs from Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. You will get both white line and black line designs. Students can make a watercolor crayon resist for a beautiful Easter art project with the white line designs. You can color the black line art like a traditional coloring page. Please take a look at the preview for a better look at the different pages.

These are fun spring coloring pages for art class, a spring break activity, or an Easter activity.


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What You Get:

  • White line designs (19 pages)
  • Black line designs (19 pages)
  • 6 simplified designs in black line and white (12 pages)
  • Blank egg template (1 page)
  • Pattern ideas (1 page)
  • Teacher instructions (3 pages)

>>>> A total of 55 pages!


Pysanky egg coloring pages are a delightful way to explore the traditional art of egg decorating from various Eastern European cultures. These coloring pages feature intricate designs from countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and others, which have a long history of egg decorating.

The white line designs on the eggs are created by drawing lines with melted beeswax onto a white eggshell. The egg is then dipped into a light color dye, and more lines are drawn onto the egg with wax to protect the areas that will remain white. This process is repeated with increasingly darker colors until the egg is complete.

Each coloring page features a unique design from one of the many cultures that practice Pysanky egg decorating. The designs may feature geometric patterns, floral motifs, animals such as fish or birds, intricate crosses, or traditional folk symbols such as stars.

These Pysanky egg coloring pages are a fun and educational way to explore the rich cultural heritage of Eastern European egg decorating. They can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and make a beautiful addition to any collection of coloring pages.

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