Second Grade Art Lessons • Bundle of Elementary Art Activities


Romero Britto Heart Art Lesson

Unicorn Drawing with Rainbow Colors

Drawing Dragons with Rainbow Colors

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats: A Lesson About Warm and Cool Colors

Color Mixing Activities

Scrapbox Abstract Collage • Paper Collage with Patterns

Drawing Game • Roll & Draw Farm Animals & Pets

How to Draw a Polar Bear



This versatile second grade art lesson collection is perfect for elementary students in grades 2. This bundle includes seven engaging lessons covering a variety of artistic skills and concepts. This selection of art lessons features a lesson on a famous artist, color theory, color practice, and the exploration of abstract art. Additionally, students will enjoy a guided drawing activity (directed drawing) and an entertaining animal-themed roll & draw game.

This is not meant to be a full curriculum, but it will get you through a significant part of your year. You can extend several of these lessons by finishing them with paint or mixed media. You could also have students make their favorite farm animal or pet out of clay.

What you’ll love!

♥ Covers diverse skills and ideas across elementary grade levels.

♥ Fosters the mastery of various drawing strategies.

♥ Save time with user-friendly lesson plans and easy prep.

♥ Ensures student engagement and enjoyment.

♥ A valuable collection you’ll use for years to come.

Summary of what you Get:

  • Famous Artist • Britto Hearts (also patterns)
  • Elements & Principles • Dragons & Unicorns (also rainbow colors)
  • Color Theory • Hot Dogs & Cool Cats (warm & cool colors)
  • Color Practice • Color Mixing Activities (color wheels & formulas)
  • Abstract • Abstract Scrapbox (also patterns)
  • Animal Roll & Draw • Farm & Pet Animals
  • Directed Drawing • Polar Bears (also Google Slides version)

More details about each lesson:


1 Britto Heart Lesson

  • Teacher Instructions (6 pages)
  • Roll & Draw ? (2 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (2 pages)
  • Print & Go Page (1 page)
  • Coloring (12 pages)
  • Timeline Activity (3 pages)
  • Romero Britto Portraits (3 pages)
  • Drawing Pages (2 pages)
  • Sample Heart Designs in Color (1 page)

>>>>> A total of 32 pages!

Britto Heart Lesson Feedback:


My students really enjoyed this activity. I liked how it was easy for kids who don’t normally enjoy art but also had a lot of room for creativity among the students who love art.

Jessica P.


2 Dragons and Unicorns:


  • Instructions for Teachers – 4 pages
  • Drawing a full body dragon (step by step) – 1 page
  • Drawing a dragon head (step by step) – 1 page
  • Drawing choices for full body & head – 2 pages
  • Roll & Draw for head and body – 2 pages
  • Print & Go for head and full body – 2 pages
  • Color Lessons – 2 pages

>>>>> A total of 14 pages!


  • Instructions for Teachers – 4 pages
  • Drawing a full body unicorn (step by step) – 2 pages
  • Drawing a unicorn head (step by step) – 1 page
  • Drawing choices for full body & head – 2 pages
  • Roll & Draw – 1 page
  • Print & Go – 1 page
  • Color Lessons – 2 pages

>>>>> A total of 13 pages!


3 Hot Dogs & Cool Cats:

  • Teacher Instructions (4 pages)
  • Pre-assessments (1 page)
  • Color wheels and color lessons (3 pages)
  • Dog and Cat drawing sheets (8 pages)
  • Sheet of rubrics & example rubric (2 pages)
  • Sheet of labels (1 page)
  • Pages for student-generated criteria for the rubric (3 pages)
  • >>>>> A total of 22 pages

Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Feedback:


This is a really fun activity and students LOVED it. It really solidified in their minds the difference between warm and cool colors.

~ Jessica J.


4 Color Mixing Activities:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Pre & Post Assessments (2 pages)
  • Color Mixing (1 page)
  • Sample Color Wheel – In Color (1 page)
  • Color Wheels (13 pages)
  • Color Formulas (12 pages)
  • Combo Pages (13 pages)

>>>>> A total of 55 pages!

This collection features 13 unique color wheels inspired by objects that students will love. Use these wheels to spark creativity and tie them into your elementary art lessons.


5 Abstract Scrapbox:

Your Students Will:

  • Glue scraps of paper to a sturdy surface.
  • Add patterns with a permanent marker.

What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Student Instructions (1 page)
  • Roll & Draw (3 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (3 pages)

>>>>> A total of 10 pages!

Abstract Scrapbox Feedback:


It was fabulous seeing how engaged the students were with this activity – they really got into the zentangle element of it 🙂

~ Almost Their Height


6 Roll & Draw Farm Animals & Pets:


  • Bird
  • Cat
  • Cow
  • Dog
  • Fish
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Mouse
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Rooster
  • Turtle

What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (2 pages)
  • Student Instructions (1 page)
  • Roll & Draw (12 pages)

>>>> A total of 15 pages!

Farm Animals & Pets Feedback:


I love this resource! Such cute options on drawing each animal! My students really enjoyed doing the roosters and I appreciate having an easy sub lesson to leave for my art students!

~ Sowmia K.


7 Polar Bear Drawing:

  • Teacher Instructions (2 pages)
  • Student Instructions (1 page)
  • Printable Step-by-Step Pages (10 pages)
  • Scarf Patterns (1 page)
  • Google Slide Step-by-Step Pages (9 pages)
  • Google Slide Choice Board (1 page)
  • Printable Drawing Pages (3 pages)

>>>>> A total of 27 pages!

This activity will encourage reading and following directions. The directions use descriptive words such as curved lines and ovals, which will help students learn to break down a drawing into simple lines and shapes—fun for beginners or anyone that like to draw.


✨From studying Britto’s hearts to hot dogs and cool cats and drawing dragons and unicorns, this bundle makes teaching second grade art more fun!✨


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