Self Portrait Drawing with Interactive Identity Frame




This art lesson celebrates students’ identity and cultural diversity. It features a drawing style that is simplified and stylized, with a fun cartoon-like finish. I designed this lesson to be less intimidating for students and teachers with limited drawing experience. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for how to draw a self portrait and finish your art using only crayons and markers, so students can add details to the background, make the portraits stand out, and achieve a smooth skin tone. Plus, there are drawing pages that embrace diversity, including curly and braided hair, along with steps to draw 14 different religious hats and head coverings. 

Students will draw a self-portrait inside a frame and add a background. The frame has 4 boxes with questions for students to answer about their identity. Students can make the frame interactive by gluing flaps over the written answers that viewers can open to reveal information about the artist. 

It’s a fantastic way to make all children feel included and celebrate cultural differences. Get ready for an exciting and inclusive art experience!


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What you get:

  • Teacher Instructions (5 pages)
  • Frames & Flaps (6 pages)
  • Drawing Your Face (1 page)
  • Descriptive Words (1 page)
  • Drawing Long, Medium, and Short Hair (5 pages)
  • Drawing Curly & Braided Hair (3 pages)
  • Drawing Religious Head Coverings (5 pages)
  • Rubric (1 page)

>>>>>  A total of 27 pages!


Students will show their identity in the following ways:

  • How they draw their face, hairstyle, and clothes.
  • Which special place do they show in the background?
  • What memory of that place did they write about on the frame?
  • What 3 words do they use to describe themself (on the frame’s edge)?


The frame has 4 boxes for writing:

  • 1) Their name and date.
  • 2) Describe the place in the background.
  • 3) Telling a special memory from that place.
  • 4) Picking 3 words to describe themself.


You can leave the writing on the frame exposed. To make the frame interactive, you will get flaps that students cut and glue to hide the answers until they are lifted. (Step-by-step assembly instructions are included.)




My students loved drawing their self-portraits for an inherited traits activity!

~ Caitlin M.



Easy to follow and the portraits look fantastic!

~ Teaching with Mrs. Jay



Perfect way to differentiate directed drawings for my kiddos who need extra support!

~ Sonia M.


Give your kids the opportunity to explore the world of drawing self-portraits with confidence!



Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase, and you can begin drawing right away!



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