Animal Adventure Drawing: Easy Animal Drawing with Story Starters




Inside this easy animal drawing resource, you will find a collection of 6 delightful animals, each serving as a character in one of the exciting story starters. From a playful puppy to a colorful chameleon, each animal has its own unique personality and role to play in the imaginative tales.

Your students will learn how to draw the animals in six easy steps and in a variety of action poses that perfectly complement the stories. This results in a total of 14 drawing pages. Whether it’s a dog chasing his tail or a bear balancing on a ball, kids will learn how to depict their animal characters in dynamic and engaging ways.

Each story starter is at the bottom of a drawing page so that students can get started drawing right away.  That also makes the writing step optional if you’d rather focus on the illustration.

In addition to the drawing tutorials and story starters, this resource also includes dedicated pages for creative writing and illustrating. Children can expand upon the story prompts or create entirely new adventures, giving them the freedom to explore their storytelling abilities while bringing their animal characters to life through words and pictures.

Animal Adventure Drawing is the ultimate blend of easy animal drawing step-by-step and creative writing prompts. It sparks children’s imagination, helps them develop artistic skills, and nurtures their storytelling abilities. 


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What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Directed Drawing (14 pages)
  • Story Starter Pages (13 pages)
  • Writing & Illustration Pages (4 pages)

>>>>> A total of 34 pages!


Get this Animal Adventure Drawing resource and let the cute animal tales begin! 


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