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Summer Drawing Fun

Summer Roll A Doodle

Drawing Flowers

Popsicle Drawing & Watercolor Painting



Summer art lessons that are loaded with fun, hands-on activities to help your students build drawing and art concepts!

Drawing can be tricky for kids. This packet makes learning to draw a breeze. Engaging, FUN, and NO PREP worksheets help elementary art students become confident at drawing, even if you struggle with drawing yourself!

Get this money-saving bundle and get a collection of summer art projects to save you time and have your students drawing in no time!


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Included in this resource:

⭐️Summer Drawing Fun

How to draw step by step with design choices for your summer art lessons!  This drawing packet will give your students inspiration and ideas for your next butterfly craft, sandcastle drawing, flower craft, ice cream activity, and more!  Kids love all the design ideas and the fun roll & draw games. 

Here’s what you get from Summer Drawing Fun:

  • Butterflies
  • Sandcastles
  • Flowers (2 versions)
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Suns

What You Get:

  • Roll & Draw Instruction (1 page)
  • Lesson Ideas (1 page)
  • Color Term Definition (1 page)
  • Roll & Draw (6 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (6 pages) 

>>>>> A total of 15 pages! 

Give students an engaging drawing activity that even reluctant drawers will enjoy!  



⭐️Summer Doodle

Learn how to draw a summer doodle step by step.  This is a fun art activity to teach students how to doodle. See how to draw flower doodles, plant doodles, suns, palm trees, beach supplies, sunglasses, popsicles, ice cream cones, and other summer motifs to make an easy doodle drawing with kids. This fun drawing lesson shows how to draw over 100 summer doodles step by step and put them into a summer doodle drawing. 

What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (4 pages)
  • Student Step-by-Step Instructions (4 pages)
  • Rubrics & Checklist (3 pages)
  • Editable Rubric in Google Slides (1 page)
  • Roll A Doodle (4 pages)
  • Step by Step Drawing (13 pages)
  • Edge Ideas (1 page)
  • Step by Step Lettering (4 pages)
  • Drawing Starter Pages (4 pages)
  • Coloring Pages (2 pages)

>>>> A total of 40 pages!

These lessons bring engaging, hands-on activities to your students to help build confidence, improve fine motor and problem-solving skills, and stretch their imaginations!



⭐️Roll & Draw Flowers

With this flower drawing guide, your little ones can create their own unique flower designs using either an exciting drawing game or by choosing their own options with the choice drawing pages.

Students have fun while learning drawing strategies they can apply to other drawings.

What You Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (1 page)
  • Roll & Draw (3 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (3 pages)
  • Drawing Starters (4 pages)

>>>>> A Total of 11 pages!



⭐️How to Draw a Popsicle & Watercolor Techniques

This cool lesson will teach students to make colorful popsicle drawings and learn easy watercolor techniques.  

The coloring pages, watercolor experiment lesson, and roll & draw game are specifically designed to help kids develop their art skills and creativity.

Use this art teacher-designed lesson to save time and focus on teaching.

What you get:

  • Teacher Instructions (5 pages)
  • Roll & Draw (1 page)
  • Choice Drawing (1 page)
  • Drawing Templates (3 pages)
  • Labels (2 pages)
  • Coloring Pages (9 pages)
  • Watercolor Techniques  (5 pages)

A total of 29 pages!



What happy teachers are saying:

Roll A Summer Doodle:


My students loved this!

~ Anamaria N.


Summer Drawing Fun:


I love the roll a _____ activities.  They are a fun way to incorporate art with either a discussion or a writing prompt.  This is a cute set for preparing for summer break.  Thanks!

~ Camacho’s Corner


Popsicle Drawing:


My students absolutely loved this art project! They still talk about it (even in November). It was a great way to transition out of summer and do a fun project that allowed them to be creative, but also helped guide them with ideas to make their popsicle. I look forward to using this every year.

~ Carol W.


Roll & Draw Flowers:


So cute and so fun. Used it for Party in the Art room with grades K-5 (and giant dice from Five Below). Was a hoot and everything turned out great. Thanks!

~ Hope C.



With easy prep and high-engagement activities, our Summer Art Lesson Bundle is perfect for teachers and parents who are looking for fun and educational ways to keep their kids entertained this summer. Your kids will have so much fun drawing, painting, and doodling that they will forget they are building skills and learning art concepts.

Whether your child is a budding artist or just beginning to explore their creative side, our Summer Art Lesson Bundle is sure to spark their imagination and keep them engaged throughout the summer.



Easily download the PDFs with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!



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