Summer Drawing Fun




How to draw step by step with design choices for your summer art lessons!  This drawing packet will give your students inspiration and ideas for your next butterfly craft, sandcastle drawing, flower craft, ice cream activity, and more!  Kids love all the design ideas and the fun roll & draw games.

Here’s what you get from Summer Drawing Fun:

  Flowers (2 versions)
  Ice Cream Cones

What You Get:

  Roll & Draw Instruction (1 page)
  Lesson Ideas (1 page)
  Color Term Definition (1 page)
  Roll & Draw (6 pages)
  Choice Drawing (6 pages)

>>>>> A total of 15 pages!

There is also a separate file with the British spelling of color. (not included in the page count)

One of the versions of the flower drawing pages uses color theory terms.  This is a fun way to practice color definitions.  Have your students create a bouquet of flowers, each one using a different color term to describe its color scheme.


Easily download this zipped PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!


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