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This Thank You Banner is the perfect way to show a heartfelt thank you to a person or group of people that have made a difference in the lives of your students.  You could use this project over and over for secretaries day, teacher appreciation, parent volunteers, after a field trip, Veteran’s Day, or for any staff member leaving your building.  This banner could also be made by a family, church group, scout group or any group that wants to make a big impact on the recipient.  The pieces can be mailed and assembled at a remote location, such as thanking the troops overseas or thanking the first responders to a crisis.  (There is a page that can be printed to give them assembly instructions.)

One of the best things about this banner is that each piece has a place for students (or people) to write a personal message inside the heart.  This element of personalization will make this banner not only beautiful but a cherished keepsake.

What You Get:

  • Tips for Success (4 pages)
  • Sample Banners (1 page)
  • Assembly Instructions to mail (1 page)
  • Banner Pages (36 pages) – makes a 18″ x 6′ banner

>>>>> A total of 42 pages

You can use any color scheme from mixed, to just a few colors like patriotic colors, school colors or the favorite colors of the recipient.

This banner is assembled easily with just a glue stick using the tabs to overlap and add strength to the banner.  The tabs are also great for keeping track of students’ names and putting the pieces in order by coordinates.  Tabs at the end of the row and bottom row can be folded over to the back and glued for a little extra reinforcement.


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