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Make a cute Thanksgiving turkey drawing with kids using these easy step-by-step directed drawing instructions.  With multiple choices and roll & draw games, you are sure to have a hit on your hands.  Oh speaking of hands, make a hand turkey, too!  You’ll get over 100 ideas for fancy zentangled feathers!  Get all the resources you need to teach these two drawing lessons that are perfect for your Thanksgiving crafts and art lessons.

What you get:

  • Directed Drawing (1 page)
  • Choice Drawing (2 page)
  • Roll & Draw (2 pages)
  • Print & Go (1 page)
  • Coloring Pages (3 pages)
  • Feather Ideas (6 pages)
  • Certificates for Drawing Challenge (6 pages)
  • Assessments & I Can Statements (4 pages)
  • Turkey Token Art Critique Activity (5 pages)
  • Teacher Instructions (7 pages)

>>>>> A total of 35 pages

Be sure to take a look at the preview images to see everything you get!

Check out this blog post that will show you how to make a texture turkey.

Here’s more info about the Turkey Token Activity:

The “Turkey Token” activity is used as an aid to having a critique.

Each student will get one of each token.  Only do 2-3 tokens with young students.

Have the turkeys laying on desks or somehow displayed.  Give students a chance to walk around the room and give a token to turkey that they think did a good job in the area described on the token.  Encourage students to give tokens to any turkey, (not just the best), that they would like to talk about.

After the tokens have been given out, go through each category and ask for 2-3 students to tell which turkey they selected and why.

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