Twin Drawings of the Columbian Exchange




Christopher Columbus drawing activities focused on the food from his voyages & the Columbian Exchange of food. Kids will learn to draw at a beginning level through learning to break down the drawing into the 5 elements of shape. The drawing topic for this resource includes the food exchanged between the Old World and the New World after the discovery of America. This strategy of learning to draw is a fun drawing warm-up for more complicated drawings. Students can also try a mystery drawing, using the grid drawing method, of the Santa Maria. 

Your Students Will:

  • Do drawing warm-ups with abstract shapes
  • Make twin drawing of the food involved in the Columbian Exchange
  • Make a mystery drawing of the Santa Maria

What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (6 pages)
  • Drawing Warm-ups  (6 pages)
  • Twin Drawing Pages (8 pages)
  • Step-by-Step Help (4 pages)
  • Mystery Drawing (4 pages)

>>>>> A total of 28 pages!


  • Art
  • The Discovery of America


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